a mountain background with white texts that says “every day is earth day; a playlist.”

Every Day is Earth Day: A Playlist

By Madisen Gummer
Music Journalist

Every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. Beautiful pictures of environments from around the globe flood the internet. Many instagram captions say “every day is earth day!! :)” so wouldn’t it be fitting to carry out that message now. Earth Day is about six months away, but let’s celebrate it now.

This playlist is made up of folk/rock inspired songs, all with themes of nature. It highlights how important the natural world is in our everyday lives, from pure survival to contextualizing and processing our human lives through metaphors of the natural world.

The playlist begins with “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell. There is no better way to start off an Every Day is Earth Day playlist with the line “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Although this was written in the ’70s, we sadly still see this today in our little town of San Marcos, and throughout the whole world. 

Another featured song is “I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King. This iconic masterpiece is filled with imagery from the natural world, as she uses it to evaluate her feelings for someone. Nature helps her see her emotions in a way that is easier to process. The intricate musicality of this song reflects the breadth of natural events she references. 

You cannot talk about environmental conservation without giving light to the indigienous people that took care of the North American landscape far before the white settlers came over and forced them off their lands. Despite those treacherous injustices, they still continue their fight for the environment today. Black Belt Eagle Scout is a powerful indegenous woman and her song “Indians Never Die” underscores the importance that nature has with humans, and how it has been degraded. 

Other artists highlighted in this playlist include Fleetwood Mac, Local Natives, The Beatles, Turnover, The Doors and Tash Sultana. As you listen to these songs, remember to think of the earth underneath every step you take in a day. Remember to think of the air you breathe in and where all it has been. Remember to think of the water in your cup, and where it comes from. Remember that if humanity does not step up its game, all of these elements will be ruined and gone before we know it.

Featured image by Madisen Gummer.

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