The Header Photo is the two piece band Surf Curse laughing.

Surf Curse Interview

By Syd Smith
Music Journalist

Syd Smith, KTSW music journalist, interviews Surf Curse about their Heaven Surrounds You tour, new album and more.

“Forrest Gump has got his box of chocolates, Forrest Gump has got his box of chocolates” says guitarist Jacob Rubeck as he checks the sound with his friend Nick Rattigan on drums standing on the indoor stage at Barracuda, Austin Texas. The two buds are currently on their Heaven Surrounds You tour, traveling across the world seeing what type of good, bad and ugly trouble they can find themselves in.

For listener’s discretion all clothes were kept on before, during, and after the interview recording process. I tried to harness my inner fanboy as Rattigan and Rubeck kept their cool in a graffiti green room that looked like the baseball dugout in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Cooler than Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks cool; cooler than Mickey Rourke in Rumble Fish type of cool. You know, the lovable type of cool that is humble yet commanding and comes with a distinct sense of humor and love for the strange.

Enjoy the nat sounds of the green room as we discuss their newest album, favorite movie soundtracks and of course the oldest coming of age question: what makes a man a man?

Disco Music Video:


Featured image by Syd Smith.

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