The album cover is a picture of a field with a chair in the corner with white text that reads free company.

Boy Scouts: Free Company Review

By Katharine Robertson
Music Journalist

I don’t know about you, but I have different music and artists that I listen to during specific times of the year; like Milo Greene when fall turns into winter or Still Woozy on lazy summer days. Oakland-based singer songwriter Taylor Vick, also known as Boy Scouts, released her third album called Free Company and it’s an album that’s perfect to shake off those hazy summer days and bring in the autumnal feelings. Vick is definitely not new to the scene, her first release in 2016 called Homeroom Breakfast compared to this latest release is a true testament to her unique sound and her ever growing talent.

Usually when I write reviews I highlight my favorite songs, but with Free Company it’s a little difficult because this is a no skip album for me, which really is not the easiest thing to achieve. The warm feeling that Free Company evokes keeps me listening to every song. This is an album meant for playing the background while you work or study but it also works for long drives, either day or night. Even though, this is a no skip album I’ll try to break it down into my favorite songs.

The album starts off with the strong “Get Well Soon”, I think I listened to 20 seconds of this song and automatically decided that this album was great. The song starts off with almost beachy instrumentals that meld wonderfully and beautifully with Vick’s dreamy vocals.

Vick amps things up on tracks like “Cut It” and “Momentary Love” with a stronger presence of electric guitar and a faster pace; these songs made it my most listened, due to Vick achieving the balance between energetic and mellow. But if you’re looking to slow things down for a night drive or a calm study session, then songs like “All Right” (my favorite track on the album) or “Hate Ya 2” would be perfect.

If you’re a fan of Men I Trust or Snail Mail then I would say that Free Company, and Boy Scouts in general, would be an easy and nice addition to your rotation. If you aren’t a fan of either, well, I still think Free Company is an easy and cohesive album to listen to. Free Company shows that Vick is a versatile singer songwriter that is a force to be reckoned with.

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