I Reviewed My Spotify Weekly Playlist and This Is What I thought

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By Mia Robinson
Web Content Contributor

I have been discovering new music on my Spotify weekly since my junior year of high school, and I have found amazing songs on it. Spotify Weekly is a playlist that Spotify puts out every week based on the songs you listen to everyday. 

This week I decided to review the top 10 songs I chose from the playlist and share it with you. I hope you find some tunes to jam out to, or you start listening to your Spotify Weekly playlist tailored just for you. 

“Grrrl” by Sizzy Rocket 

This song reminds me of SZA’s music which is the type of music I listen to when I am in my feels. This song made me look into the artist and she actually has a lot of good music that I added to my playlists. The lyrics “I’m just a girl” in the chorus really spoke to me and made me get emotional which is what I enjoy when listening to this type of music.

“Atlantis” by Kinn 

This song is a very pretty acoustic song with low-fi beats in the background which I personally enjoyed. This song is a good song for a nice, long car ride. This song reminds me of a song that I’d listen to on a Monday morning to start the day off right. 

“Take Your Time” by LOS LEO

This song reminds me of COIN and it has a chill band vibe. I loved how they went from slowish to more dramatic parts with the drums. I like a lot of bands like this because of how they intertwine the vocals and the instruments into the music.

“Fools Paradise” by MAY-A

This song is another slow chill song, so obviously this is the kind of music I like. This song reminds me of Billie Eilish but less poppy. It is also made if you just want to cry because you are a hopeless romantic like me.

“Life After” by Broods 

This song was a chill indie song which was cute because of the acoustics and it was lovely. The song caught me off track when there was a layer added in the middle making it more upbeat. This song had me bumping which is what I look for in some of the music I listen to.

This is a picture of how the song looks on Spotify
“Life After” by Broods. Image by Mia Robinson.

“When I Get My Braces Off” by Mallrat 

This song makes me want to rebel. The lyrics are very pushy against social norms and has a nice beat behind the girls voice. She is putting off good energy in the song especially when she sings the lyrics, “I think I got potential.” 

“Why Aren’t We Happy” by Sucre

This is another song that will put you in your feels and it gives me a BANKS vibe. This song is a sad love song but also has electronic undertones. This is another one of the songs that I like because it is either background study music for me, or the song will put me into my feels.

“Dawn to 9pm” by Brian Bulger (feat. Jennafer)

Do you ever want a relaxing, chill song to listen to? This is it. Also if you like acoustic music like me, this is a song for you. This song also is a sad song but it doesn’t have to be because it is a love song, I am just single.

“I Will Follow You” by Paris Irwin 

This song is sad and is perfect for if you are in your feels. This song has a simple beat and smooth voices which make the song come together to feel like you are in an indie movie. This is a song I constantly listen to now just because it can go with any mood I am feeling which is what I look for in music.

This is a picture of how the song looks on Spotify
“I Will Follow You” by Paris Irwin. Image by Mia Robinson.

“Melt” by Garth. 

This song gives me R&B vibes and the guy has a very pretty voice. This song had me bumping when I first listened to it. I look for this in music and it reminded me of Frank Ocean who I listen to a lot. 

We made it to the end of the list. I have to be honest Spotify really studied my music taste because most of the songs on their I enjoyed. Even though I didn’t like some of the songs, most of them were added to my monthly playlist. This is why you should give your Spotify Weekly a chance. It probably won’t let you down.

Featured image by Mia Robinson.

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