A parking lot with metal and trash scattered everywhere.

San Marcos Officials Investigating Explosion on Chestnut

By Will Wadsworth
News Director

Multiple city offices are investigating the causes of, and damages from, two large explosions at the Allo Eatery on Chestnut St. this morning. No one was hurt by the explosions or the subsequent fires they produced, but the city is now working to understand the full scope of the resulting damage. In a press conference at 10 this morning, San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens said the San Marcos health department, building official, the state’s Railroad Commission and other city departments are all assessing the aftermath of the two explosions. 

Stephens said the first explosion occurred at a food truck parked in the Allo Eatery’s parking lot. The city originally referred to the blast as a “propane explosion,” but the investigation had not determined whether or not propane fueled the explosion by the late morning press conference. The blast affected four food trucks and seven buildings in total. The pressure from the explosion was so great that it blew out windows as far south down North LBJ Drive as those in the local cafe Mochas and Javas.

The fire department received calls about the first explosion and fire, which burned just across a creek bed from the Vie Lofts, at approximately 6:03 a.m. First responders arrived to put out the massive fire at about 6:11; the second explosion went off at 6:20. Firefighters managed to put out the fire not long after.

The Allo Eatery received its Conditional Use Permit from the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission on June 11 and hosted its grand opening celebration just three days ago on Monday, Nov. 11. The city had inspected and approved all food trucks present at the site. 

Featured image by Will Wadsworth.

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