Jake Spavital stands at the front of the room in front of student reporters with his hand in the air mid-explanation.

Ahead of National Signing Day Jake Spavital Visits with Young Reporters

By Brady Powers
Sports Reporter

SAN MARCOS, Texas – Texas State Football Head Coach Jake Spavital visited a sports media class today, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020, to answer questions about the current state of his team from inspiring sports journalists.

Spavital, despite being offered multiple NFL coaching positions over this off-season, will be entering his second year as head coach of the Bobcats. He compared the university’s prior program from where it once was, to where it is today.

“If you compare where we were at last year compared to right now… it’s night and day,” said Spavital.

Since Spavital has lifted the infrastructure and the brand of Bobcat football, he elaborated on his process of recruiting young talent to the improving program.

“There’s a lot to sell here,” said Spavital. “What I normally do is I tell them why I took this job, why I believe in it, and where I know we can take it.”

The offensive-orientated coach is relying heavily on his coaching staff and his own recruiting abilities for next year. Spavital estimated that he is looking to sign 22 recruits and 18 transfers.

“We’re going to look a lot bigger, a lot longer and a lot more athletic than what [you guys] are typically used to seeing out of a Texas State player,” said Spavital.

In the back-end of the defense and the wide receiver position, Spavital signed two wide receivers and two cornerbacks over 6-foot-2-inch since the early signing period.

With a game that is constantly evolving, Spavital believes that one factor has stayed consistent throughout the years for championship-caliber teams.

“It’s because of the players, and I’m a big players coach, that’s why. It’s a fifty-fifty deal, like you got to meet me halfway. They need us, and we need them,” said Spavital.

For now, be prepared for National Signing Day tomorrow at noon, where Spavital looks to bring in at least one elite talent to this young Bobcat offense.

Featured image by Josephfer Williams.

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