Graphic of Bobcat Radio

New Head Coaches Join Bobcat Radio

By Garrett Martin
Sports Director

Bobcat Radio is a 30-minute specialty show discussing everything Texas State and San Marcos sports. Three staff members jump on the mics three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 a.m. and discuss sports. A guest joins each episode, namely a coach, player or figure close to the athletic programs at Texas State and San Marcos High School.  

On this episode, host Garrett Martin and co-hosts Ethan Hamilton and Cole Paveglio discuss Texas State baseball, Texas State softball, Texas State men’s and women’s basketball, and San Marcos Rattlers varsity boys basketball.

Two guests join the episode. First, Texas State head baseball coach Steven Trout calls in to the studio to discuss his team this year, the pitching staff and the support for Texas State softball that hasn’t wavered since Ty Harrington left.

After Trout leaves the conversation, Head Coach of the Rattlers, Stephen Pinchback, enters the chat. Pinchback shares his passion and enthusiasm for this group of guys that have bought into what he’s trying to teach. At KTSW Sports, we appreciate the access the team has given us to cover them this season.

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