book cover featuring a girl looking in the distance and another book featuring a girl face close up

P.S. I Still Love You: The Book to Read & The Film to Watch

By Stacey Ramirez
Web Content Contributor

It was 2014 when the world first met Lara Jean, the protagonist of Jenny Hans Novel “To All the Boys I Loved Before”, this young adult romance novel quickly became a New York Times Best seller and led to its trilogy, “P.S I Still Love You”and “Always and Forever, Lara Jean”.

“To All the Boys I Loved” is the love story of Jean a high school student who writes love letters when she wants to get over a hopeless crush, but she never sends them and instead hides away in a hat box. But then somehow all her letters get mailed out unexpectedly to the boys they were written for. Now Jean has to deal with the aftermath.

One of these letters was written to her old childhood friend Peter Kavinsky who is now the popular jock at her school, and this is where their love story begins.

The “To All the Boys I Loved” book series become such a success that in 2018 its film premiered on Netflix and the world fell in love even more with Jean and Kavinsky. Since we couldn’t get enough of their story from one movie, a sequel was made and is premiering on Netflix Feb.12.

The sequel will fallow Jean and Kavinsky’s love story, but this time we’re introduced to a love triangle. At the end of the first film we catch a last-minute glimpse of another of Jean’s old crushes, John Ambrose McClaren.

book cover featuring a girl face close up and an open book next to it
The second book to the trilogy with the film adaption cover for “P.S I Still Love You” premiering on Netflix Feb. 12. Image by Stacey Ramirez.

If you’re like me and read the books series growing up, then you might agree the film is just as good as the book.  There are some differences like Jean’s and Kavinsky’s first meeting but there aren’t any changes that change the story too drastically to the point fans are upset or miss anything.

What is significant about the story is that it is one of the very few rom com with an Asian American lead which is almost never seen. The protagonist (Jean) is half Korean. This was very important to the character, so it was kept in the film. But another change that readers will notice from the book to the film is that Ambrose McClaren was originally described as a blonde and a young Robert Redford look alike. But the movie chose to rewrite the part as an African American.

Jean is played by actress Lana Condor and Kavinsky is played by actor Noah Centineo. Jordan Fisher will play Ambrose McClaren in the sequel.

“P.S I Still Love You” is the perfect film to watch with your valentine or with your friends. It’s a tribute to young love, high school crushes and reminds us all what it felt like to fall in love for the first time.

Whether you read the book or watched the film, both capture the message and reminder us to put yourself out there and even when life is scary.

Featured image by Stacey Ramirez.

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