Tachanka stands roughly center, with stats to the right of him and customization options to the left.

To Rewrite a Lord

By Ashton Herman
Web Content Contributor

With “Operation Void Edge” on the horizon, fans both casual and avid alike are excited to see what Ubisoft has in store for their newest expansion in “Rainbow Six: Siege.”

But despite a storm of articles and videos covering the newest playable characters, one question falls from many player’s lips: will the older characters be shown any love?

It’s no secret that some operators, what the characters are known to be called, have received rather lackluster attention when it comes to bringing their special abilities up-to-speed with the changing times. And no other character embodies this struggle quite like Tachanka, a Russian defensive operator that has the lowest pick rate in the game.

A turret stands roughly center; a rifle is seen bottom right.
Tachanka’s gadget; deadly, but tactically useless. Screenshot via Ashton Herman.

But is it possible to revamp this character, and more importantly, is it wise? Let’s answer that by first highlighting the issue behind this character. Tachanka is a one-speed, three-armor defender, which means that he is a slow but hardy operator. While such operators are not uncommon in “Rainbow Six: Siege,” it’s his special ability that renders him virtually useless: Tachanka utilizes an immobile turret with a bullet-resistant shield protecting the gunner.

In a game where the surroundings of a player are destructible, and are constantly changing on a dime, to have oneself be immobile while everything is in constant motion is practically a death sentence. So naturally, no reasonable player would select a character that goes against the foundation of the game they are playing, and thus Tachanka becomes the least picked operator.

However, before any sort of change can occur, there is a huge factor that must be accounted for: the character’s popularity.

Yes, despite his uselessness, Tachanka has gained one of the highest popularity standings in the game, to the point where he is even referred to as “Lord Tachanka” for his supposed power in battle.

At this point, any game developer would be forced into a game of chance. Would Ubisoft rather take the tried and true path of leaving Tachanka unviable, thus cursing the character to be unplayable forever? Or should the studio risk the fame and name of this character by modernizing it? Time will tell of this decision, but for the here and now, there is no foreseeable rewrite for this lord.

Featured image screenshot via Ashton Herman.

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