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Who to Subscribe to if your Recommended Section is Garbage

By Brittany Anderson
Assistant Web Content Manager

I watched one TikTok cringe compilation. ONE. And now my YouTube recommended is a hot mess. 

Are you looking for some new, conflict-free content to encourage your recommended section to spruce itself up? Here are some severely underrated (in my eyes) channels that are sure to teach you, inspire you or do what this platform does best: relax and entertain you. 

Ask a Mortician

Perhaps a bit macabre to start the list off with this channel, but it’s seriously one of the most interesting ones I’ve ever come across. Caitlin Doughty is a California-based mortician who answers all your secret burning questions about death: what happens to a body during cremation? Do hair and nails grow after death? How do you close mouths’ postmortem? 


Defunctland is a series that dives into the rich histories of extinct amusement parks and other entertainment experiences. These easy-to-binge videos are wildly interesting with a perfect mix of humor, education and impeccable production values. 

And yes, this “Charles Entertainment Cheese” meme that circulated on Twitter a few months ago came from a Defunctland video.


Karen Blanchard is a London-born, NYC-based fashion YouTuber who is all about exploring wacky street style while hyping everyone (and herself) up in the process. She has such a lovely, contagious energy that will bring the fun, big city life to you, no matter where you are in the world. 


If video games are your thing, Jakey Christy is your guy. He does some really amazing gaming and pop culture video essays full of ‘90s and early ‘00s nostalgia that drive home the fact that video games and all its iterations are truly works of art. 

He also makes music, so support him here

Nathan Zed

Nathan Zed might only be 22 years old, but there are eight years worth of serious gems to be found on his channel. He does a lot of humorous social commentary and is genuinely one of the most intelligent, influential people I’ve come across on the internet. 

He’s also the creator of those amazing movie mashups you might see floating around Twitter at the end of the year. 


This dude is borderline ASMR to me. He has the most relaxing voice and creates DIY masterpieces: from painting, embroidering, upcycling thrifted pieces and even making homemade neon lights, you can try it all at home— but it’s more fun to grab some snacks and watch his insane talent at play. 

u m a m i 

I’m not really sure how to explain u m a m i, because it definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Something about the art style haunts me— it’s like “Archer” in some weird, retrowave parallel universe— but there’s genuinely wholesome content here. Is it horror? Comedy? It’s a bizarre and beautiful experience either way. 

You Suck at Cooking

We all love a good food channel, but You Suck at Cooking takes it to the next level by reminding you that if you suck at cooking, it’s okay. These short, funny videos will have you more confident in the kitchen, and actually wanting to cook. 

Art. Fashion. Cooking. Games. Just plain old weird stuff. The world of YouTube is a beautiful one, and there’s thousands of channels out there to be discovered. There’s some quality content amongst all the noise— you just have to look for it. These eight channels will hopefully get your recommended’s algorithm right with some fresh content so you can keep finding the good stuff. 

Featured image by Brittany Anderson.

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