Moon Dunes band members doing cool pose outside of venue

My First Impression of Moon Dunes

By Aidan Bailey
Music Journalist

As a lover of the local music scene in San Marcos, I try to see a new band as often as I can. I had the chance to see Moon Dunes for the first time on Feb. 7 at The Coffee Bar. The first time I had heard of them was during their tour with Rusty Dusty and Kairos, but sadly, I didn’t get to see them during this tour.

At this point, all that I had heard about Moon Dunes was positive; which gave me the reassurance that this show was going to be fantastic. The band consists of four members, Patrick Ford on bass, Stephen Hurdle and Nick Dow on guitar and vocals, and finally Joey Chapman on drums.

My first impression was the song “Mirage” on their 2019 album Are You Kind? This song sent shivers down my spine, the combination of the chill instrumentals with the calm vocals made me feel as if I was chilling on a beach. However, the energy they brought to the audience was the most impressive thing I noticed that night.

They introduced a new song that they have been working on called “Gypsy Nap” which was a fantastic piece including multiple tempo changes and a very creative outro that left me in a trance. As they played the song the audience would start swaying back and forth and dance in a calm manner, then almost instantly, a mosh pit would erupt out of nowhere. Soon enough, the crowd switched back to the calm swaying. I hadn’t experienced this before at any show I’ve been to, and it was a pleasant sight to see.

To sum up, Moon Dunes is one of the many talented bands that reside in San Marcos. They have many great songs that everyone can enjoy, and their stage presence and energy make them a must see. All in all, it was one of the best performances I’ve seen to date and I would highly recommend going to see them.

This is my first impression of Moon Dunes.

Featured screenshot taken by Aiden Bailey via Instagram from moondunestunes.

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