Three yellow sad crying face emojis on a pink background

Sad Girl Hours: a Playlist

By Timia Cobb
Music Journalist

My sadness can be dramatic, suffocating, painful, lonely and is never satisfied by one sound. In my sadness, I can crave the slow soulful voice of Beyoncé  as she sings about wanting trust in her relationship. My sadness can be because I’m afraid of my everchanging future which causes me to listen to the entire “It’s Not That Deep” EP by Olivia O’Brien. Sometimes I’m just sad and I don’t know why. Sometimes I’m sad because my life feels chaotic and music needs to sound the way I feel. 

Sad Girl Hours is real. It isn’t a certain time of the day; it’s at any moment I, or anyone, feels unloved, confused, scared or simply just sad.

Here’s a sad girl playlist dedicated to all the sad girls out there who don’t know exactly why they are sad, but hopefully one of these songs can help them get through it.

Featured image made by Timia Cobb on Canva.

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