Blue background with black font saying "HEB takes precautionary measures amid coronavirus concerns"

H-E-B Takes Precautionary Measures Amid Coronavirus Concerns

By Arlett Ramirez
Assistant Web Content Manager

SAN MARCOS, Texas – H-E-B is taking the necessary precautions and steps for its customers to be prepared as coronavirus concerns rise. Many people have begun to panic buy, but H-E-B says that they are in a good-stock position on many of the items customers need and they are working around the clock to restock their shelves. 

However, to keep products on shelves H-E-B has implemented a temporary purchase limits on certain items to help protect the supply chain in Texas. Some customers might find a low supply of items when they visit stores, but they’re encouraged to check back with H-E-B to find what they need. To learn more about this policy, visit their website.

H-E-B has announced they will be changing their normal hours of operation to better serve customers and increase product availability. Beginning Mar.15 all stores will open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. until further notice. This will also include Joe V’s and Mi Tienda locations. 

By having shorter hours, this will give H-E-B partners extra time to work diligently overnight to better stock shelves. Normal hours will return soon. H-E-B reminds its customers that preparation is important, but panic is not necessary. There is no need to overbuy. H-E-B has plenty of product and it arrives daily. 

For more information, visit H-E-B’s website.

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