What to Avoid With the Coronavirus

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By Piper Blake
Assistant Web Content Manager

With the spread of the COVID-19 comes the need for preventative action to be taken by all who could be affected. However, that does not give people the excuse to be disrespectful of others or go overboard for protection.

The more the media dramatizes the pandemic situation, the more people are going to react irrationally. As humans, we are led by our fight or flight response—some more than others—and that creates a chance for mistakes to be made when making decisions. 

The threat of COVID-19 is a new situation that everyone is trying to handle but to keep yourself and others safe, there need to be a few ground rules set early. 

Don’t travel

The New York Times has created a map that shows all of the countries that have been affected by the Coronavirus. Travel to Europe has been closed off by the United States government due to those countries being high-risk areas for the virus. 

At this time, it is not wise for people to be traveling and putting themselves in close proximity with others. If you had plans to travel, make sure to get a refund on your trip and to make plans to reschedule once this situation has calmed down. 

There is no way to know who you come in contact with when traveling has COVID-19 or not. It’s better to stay safe than sorry during this time even if the prices for flights are hard to resist. 

Don’t buy unnecessary supplies

There is no need for you to go out and buy all of the toilet paper and all of the canned goods at the grocery store. You will not be able to use all of that supplies in two weeks and you are taking away from people who might actually need those groceries. 

This virus will be an issue longer than just the two week quarantine period that has been set in place by many universities and businesses. That means there will need to be more trips to the grocery store anyway, so why blow all your money now? 

This isn’t the apocalypse, if it was, all of the twinkies would have been sold. 

Don’t be racist

Just because the virus originated in an Asian country does not mean all Asians have the Coronavirus. Acting differently toward an Asian person or assuming they have the virus is a racist act that is uncalled for and offensive. 

The COVID-19 could be passed off by any person you come in contact with. Assuming that an Asian-looking person has the virus and that person being American is wrong. Racism is racism no matter if there is a pandemic or not.  

Don’t get near people with compromised immune systems 

The ones who are dying from this virus are the elderly or other people with weakened immune systems. We need to be protecting those who are more susceptible by not going near them or taking extra precautions around them. 

They can’t help that their bodies are easily affected, so we need to be more conscious of who we make contact with. 

Don’t feed into hysteria

Overall, this is the biggest issue we are facing right now with the COVID-19 threat. People are choosing to act irrationally without paying attention to what the news saying. 

Make common sense choices that help keep yourself and others safe while not straying toward an extreme reaction. There is no need for creating panic when so many people are already on edge. It will make the situation worse and cause people to get hurt. 

Featured image by Piper Blake via Canva.

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