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Staying Home for Spring Break

By Emily Garza
Web Content Contributor

Before the Coronavirus pandemic started to shut down classes and halt traveling, I was going to write about staying at home for spring break. The Coronavirus has affected many people and our normal day to day lives, it’s crazy. Nevertheless, I am still going to write about staying at home for my now two weeks of spring break.

Stereotypically, young people travel somewhere outside of their hometown over the week of spring break. It’s a week off from school, the temperature is rising, the weather is nice to go out and travel. For me though, it’s mainly a week where my parents seek the opportunity to have extra help to clean around the house or visit my family in Mexico. This year, I am just staying at home and picking up a couple more shifts at work.

It’s not the most ideal thing to do, especially at my age where it’s my prime time to go and have fun, but I don’t mind it. I get to finally have days where I don’t have to wake up to an alarm and get to earn some extra cash, too. As I mentioned before, I am an introvert, so staying at home and doing nothing is a dream to me!

MacBook Pro on Netflix home page
Watching Netflix in bed while staying at home for spring break. Image by Emily Garza.

I see staying at home as a way to not stress myself out and relax. If I do go and travel, there is this pressure of always having to do something fun and exploring the new area I’m in. I don’t like it.

I realized that when I’m considering traveling to some new city, I don’t like planning what I want to do because I don’t know what I want to do. Should I go explore a new restaurant? A new store? Look up fun things to do in “XYZ”? I don’t like the pressure of always having to do something when you go to a new place. Why not just relax?

Then again, I could just relax at home in the comfort of my own bed. I don’t need to worry about entertainment or food either when I’m at home. I already have it! I just need my laptop and some fruit with some Tajin and I’m good to go!

Maybe it’s just the introvert part of me that likes to stay home and doesn’t mind staying at home for the now two-week break.

Featured image by Emily Garza.

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