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By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…is located right in your mobile device! Star Wars: Commander is a great strategy based video game free to download on your tablet or phone. I have been playing this game for a few months now after discovering it through the Star Wars app. I want to discuss why it is a fun game worth downloading– in fact, it will be retiring or closing down in three months, therefore, it is urgent to make most of the fun while it lasts! 

Released in 2014, Star Wars: Commander utilizes Clash of Clans gameplay style based on the Galactic Civil War time period of the Star Wars storyline. It is set sometime after the events of A New Hope (1977) and before the events of the Empire Strikes Back (1983). Players may pledge allegiance to either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance and run their own military bases. The first time I played was on my phone; I chose the Empire and later played as the Rebels on my tablet. I still play as both sides in my downtime. 

When you start the campaign or main storyline, you are neutral. A series turn of events will allow you to choose a side. Sadly, there is no way to switch sides so once you pick a side; it is permanent. The same goes for your username. Technically, the storyline for the Rebel Alliance is the same as the Empire’s, just from the opposite perspective. You do fight common enemies such as henchmen of crime boss Jabba the Hutt, or random mercenaries. 

An example of a Rebel player
My second military base fights for the Rebel Alliance. Screenshot by Tiger Shi.

Besides the plot, you pretty much upgrade the level of your base while also attacking other players’ bases. You can do the latter only when they are offline and vice versa. When you attack a base, you would either lose or gain medallions depending on if the base was well-defended or not. Players have the option of revenge attacking. I used to revenge attack all the time playing as an Imperial but not anymore because I got used to people raiding my base. I probably wasn’t used to playing the Clash of Clans style at the time. 

Onto the bases itself, both sides have the same types of buildings. That is my only complaint, in which it seemed boring to not have a building dedicated to Rebel-only or Empire-only. It may be the developers felt that it can leave an unfair advantage for one side. Buildings of the bases include headquarters, squad center (communication with fellow Rebel/Imperial players), hero command (allows deployment of Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker in battle), starship command (air support), planetary command (allows players to switch planets), factories, barracks, shield generators and resources. 

As for defense wise, players have types of turrets to set up. They include burst turrets (machine gun nests), rocket turrets, mortars, sonic cannons and rapid fire turrets. The squad center will be deploying troops to defend your base only if other squad members sent you some. There are also booby traps players may set to aid the defense. On the offense, players may build the notorious Imperial AT-AT walker or the Rebels’ AT-AP walker. You can also train various soldiers like Imperial stormtroopers or Rebel troopers. Each vehicles and infantry have different skill sets so use them wisely! 

Lastly, for monetary resources, there are credits and alloys. Credits are spent on training troops, building vehicles, mobilizing heroes and calling for air support as well as upgrading buildings.  Alloys, on the other hand, could only upgrade buildings and turrets. There is also a third resource called contrabands which is used to hire bounty hunters. I do not use it that much mainly because I personally find the bounty hunters useless in combat. 

As for app engagement, Star Wars: Commander does hold events from time to time which call for frequent attacks on bases that promises reward crates. There are also daily objectives in which players have to destroy this amount of turrets or train this amount of soldiers etc for a reward. Star Wars: Commander even delivers players a daily crate reward as an appreciation for playing the game. 

A mobile game like Star Wars: Commander requires commitment because of the upgrades etc. It is literally just the space version of Clash of Clans. It may be annoying sometimes to hear that another player has attacked your base but keep in mind that it is not like your personal information was stolen, but rather in-game credits. Do enjoy your normal life and spring break while fighting to crush the Rebellion or restore hope in the galaxy. 

Featured screenshot by Tiger Shi.

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