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todayMarch 26, 2020 26

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By Andrea Mau
Web Content Contributor

Like most, I’ve been spending the last few weeks confined to my home burning through my must-watch list. The following are the best films and TV shows I’ve come across during this hermit period that I would like to share with the rest of shut-ins with excess time on their hands. 

screenshot from Laundryman of Chingtain putting on a bra
Scene from Laundryman. Screenshot by Andrea Mau.

Laundryman is a Chinese film by Lee Chung in which a hitman named Chingtian (played by Joseph Chang) is stalked by the spirits of people he’s been hired to kill. To be freed of the hauntings he must enlist the help of a psyche medium, Lin (played by Wan Quian). However when their activities begin to attract the attention of an investigation, Chingtian and Lin begin to encounter bigger problems than just simple ghosts.  

Despite Laundryman’s premise, the film is absolutely hilarious. This is mostly due to the contrast in the main character himself, as Chingtian appears ruthless in his job yet is so scared of the ghosts which can do little more than observe; this results in a deadpan humor that is extremely effective. The film is action packed as well with many thrilling sequences that are still varied. This is especially the case for the climax of the film which involves many bodies with conflicts of interest.

Laundryman is for thrill seekers and those in need of a good laugh. The film is available for free with Amazon Prime.    

screenshot from Undone of Alma in her car with a mustache drawn on
Scene from Undone. Screenshot by Andrea Mau.

Undone is a TV show created by Rapheal Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy. The show follows Alma (played by Rosa Salazar) a 28-year-old living a dead-end life when a life threatening car accident changes her perception of time, and then her life. 

Undone is also an unseemingly humorous show, but is definitely heavy in subject matter as a family drama. The show is unique aesthetically, using a combination of animation and real models to communicate both the groundedness of the topics and the surrealness of the time-breaking sequences. Overall my favorite aspect of Undone has to be its writing which contains natural yet interesting dialogue between the characters. 

Undone is easy to watch with compelling, relatable characters and issues. Undone is available for free with Amazon Prime. 

screenshot from Tiger King of a caution sign
Scene from Tiger King. Screenshot by Andrea Mau.

However if documentaries are more your style, then Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is the television series for you. You may recognize it from the front screen of Netflix, but in case you still haven’t watched it here is your sign. Created by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, Tiger King examines the dubious behavior of numerous exotic collector communities and the many controversies within them. 

Tiger King is like a car wreck; it’s horrifyingly interesting to watch. It’s even hilarious at times; done in a parody-like style, the documentary shows the glorification and character these collectors have built for themselves while also covering the dark matter of exploitation of exotic animals. The stories of the animals are heart-breaking while the misadventures and conspiracies of the collectors are fascinating.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is a must-see, and is conveniently avalible on Netflix. 

All of the above are solid entertainment time spenders and contain laughs for the depressing social distancing weeks ahead of us. Stay home, get comfy, and put on one of these for a nice evening of social distancing.   

Featured image by Andrea Mau.

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