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By Ashton Herman
Web Content Contributor

As I sit in my hometown house with a cat to my left and some loose pillows to my right, I can’t help but loathe hearing the term “COVID-19.”

For a week now, all that I’ve seen and heard over a plethora of medias is anything and everything Corona related. So I thought, in a fit of irony, I should put together a list of disease-related entertainment sources for those who are more sick of the virus than they are from it.

Let us start off this infectiously delightful list with a motion picture that will heighten anyone’s paranoia of diseases tenfold. Released in 2011, “Contagion” covers both the physical and social affects of a raging pandemic through multiple main characters, all of which finding ways to stave off a rapidly changing world.

With excellent cinematography, a killer soundtrack and a well-researched script to boot, “Contagion” is most definitely worth a watch. Bear in mind, however, that the scare factor in this film comes from its realism, and with the current climate, any potential viewer should watch at their own risk.

If one desires a more, dare I say, “hands-on” approach to disease media, then perhaps “Plague Inc.” may suit your fancy. Running for 99 cents on the app store and boasting a #1 rating in the “strategy” category, this game of literal life and death pits you, the player, on the dishing end of the worldwide pandemic. As your disease infects more and more people, upgrades ranging from infectious to lethal become available, with the ultimate goal of human extinction in your crosshairs.

The name selection screen of Plague Inc. upon starting a new game.
For this round of Plague Inc, I name my disease accordingly. Screenshot by Ashton Herman via “Plague Inc.”

And much like “Contagion,” “Plague Inc.” uses legitimate sources of information to base how your disease spreads and how humanity as a whole will react. So yet again, if anyone wants to fuel their fear of global ruin through a merciless epidemic, then gaze upon this and despair.

Finally, we have a book that I hold very dear to my heart and a movie that I hold a restraining order against.

Max Brook’s “World War Z” covers the social ramifications of a zombie apocalypse, and while Corona has yet to turn the undead, I do believe that a little empathy during these trying times is always appreciated.

I would delve into detail on this work of fiction, but this novel is something that simply must be read firsthand to get the whole experience. And no, watching the movie is not the same as reading the book; find a copy, take a seat, and slap on your face mask, because this book will bring you down with a case of book worm faster than any sneeze or cough.

While COVID-19 is a serious threat to your bodily health, it is vital that your mental sphere is kept as pristine as your physical.

Constantly being attached to social media and the like can prove unhealthy for the mind, and an unhealthy mind will lead to an unhealthy life.

So kick back, stay five-feet from fido, and bask in the irony of consuming disease-focused media during a pandemic. It may just be the only cure from an ever-increasing plague of fear.

Featured image by Ashton Herman.

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