a screenshot from the Kinsa Health Weather Map and “Kinsa” on top

How Kinsa Can Change the Game for You and COVID

By Andrea Mau
Web Content Contributor

Kinsa Inc. is a company based out of San Francisco, California, and has employed a unique user-based technology to prevent infectious local illnesses since 2012. Kinsa Inc. has surged in popularity recently due to their technology’s aid in the COVID-19 pandemic, and is a useful tool to properly monitor and thus prevent the spread. 

screenshot of the Kinsa app interface
The Kinsa app’s interface. Screenshot by Andrea Mau via Kinsa.

The company’s product is the Kinsa thermometer which takes the temperature of the user and records it to an app on their phone using bluetooth. The app allows users to monitor changes in their temperature, as well as log any other symptoms and track medication reminders. Based on the age, fever and basic medical history of the user, Kinsa can even offer medical guidance for what symptoms and temperatures are better off treating at home or at the hospital. 

The personal benefits are not all. Kinsa Inc. aggregates this information anonymously from all its users to create a Health Weather Map where atypical illness can be monitored and captured before it’s too late for prevention. Kinsa has already established itself with well researched data, and has used this information collection from its users to predict flu spread up to four weeks ahead.  

screenshot from Kinsa website of their two thermometers
Kinsa’s thermometers. Screenshot by Andrea Mau via Kinsa.

To use, users must simply set up a profile by entering their basic information such as age and gender onto the app, and order a thermometer on the Kinsa Inc. website or from their many online retailers such as Amazon or CVS Pharmacy. The company offers a standard thermometer for $69.99 and a simplified version for $35.99 currently. Despite the price difference both work well and include the app and all its functions. 

The Kinsa thermometer is a great gift for anyone at-risk for COVID-19 like those in the essential workforce, those with autoimmune diseases, and the elderly and sick. The Kinsa thermometer will help them track and inform themselves of their health needs without spending too much money, while also aiding in the future fight against COVID-19. 

Whether you purchase a thermometer or not however, the Kinsa Health Weather Map is still extremely interesting and important to keep track of to stay better informed about the virus. I highly recommend visiting Kinsa Inc.’s website to learn more about their initiatives and research that’s innovating pandemic prevention efforts.

Featured screenshot by Andrea Mau via Kinsa.

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