An image of a gold and silver belt buckle that reads “Bobcat Bonanza” and has the Texas State Bobcat Club logo above the “Bobcat Bonanza” title.

Bobcat Bonanza Postponed

By Garrett Martin
Sports Director

Texas State Athletics announced Thursday that the 32nd annual Bobcat Bonanza is postponed until further notice. The announcement came recently but the decision to postpone was made “A while ago,” according to Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director Travis Comer.

“Several weeks ago we came to this conclusion,” Comer said. “Our goal here is not to cancel it but to reschedule or postpone this event to sometime in the future if we’re able to.”

This response was expected considering Texas State has cancelled or postponed all sponsored events for the rest of the school year based on the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Comer and the athletic department have sold promotion slots already, but athletics has reached out to invested sponsors to communicate future plans for Bobcat Bonanza.

“We probably sold 30 tables so far,” Comer said. “We’ve reached out to everybody that purchased tables and sponsors to visit and talk to them about what our plans are for the event.”

The annual effort to fund athletic scholarships throughout the university is an essential part to create well-rounded programs. Bobcat Bonanza has proven to be a strong source of revenue for Texas State student athletes across many different sports.

“We’re the fundraising arm of the scholarship fund,” Comer said. “We provide scholarship support to our 350 student-athletes throughout the course of the year.”

The event’s impact has grown substantially in value over the years. In the past decade, Bobcat Club has seen an uptick in the amount raised with the event by over 10-fold.

“Bobcat Bonanza has grown over the years,” Comer said. “Twelve years ago, we raised over $28,000. In 2014, we raised over $500,000, and last year, it was somewhere around $350,000.”

Texas State Bobcat Club has been around since 1971 and will continue to provide financial support for student athletes. Follow their Twitter account for more updates:

Featured Image by Texas State Athletics

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