Two young women sitting in front of a backdrop designed to resemble one of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings.

Just Kat and Bee: A Playlist

By Bridget Dunbar
Music Journalist

With the arrival of spring, my best friend and I have been planning for a road trip up to my hometown for a few days. Every spring, we spend time going to various cities and finding new things to experience together, especially music! I thought it would be fun to share the music my best friend and I listen to on every trip we go on.

This year we are going to my hometown, Fort Worth, Texas. I’m very excited to feel like two girls in a coming of age film when we play these songs in her car and drive down the highway with the windows down!

Two young women, the same two from the previous image. This time they are hugging in front of a thrill ride.
Me and my best friend at the Houston Rodeo in 2019, we were there to see Cardi B. Photo by Katherine Hargrave.

“Marlboro Nights” from Marlboro Nights by Lonely God 

This song reminds me of an indie movie! We feel so carefree when we hear it.  


“Amour T’es La” from Family Dinner Vol. 1  by Snarky Puppy and Magda Giannikou

This piece is in French so neither my friend nor my friend actually understand it. But it sounds nice and that’s what counts.   

“Backseat Freestyle” from Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City (deluxe) by Kendrick Lamar

“Fake I.D.” from Fake I.D. by Riton and Kay-loh

“Jenny” from Studio Killers by Studio Killers

“Girlfriend” from Girlfriend EP by Avril Lavigne

We love this one on Just Dance!

Featured image by Bridget Dunbar.

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