A Thursday night gathering concludes

Bobcats Worship On

By Tiger Shi
Junior News Reporter

SAN MARCOS – The Coronavirus pandemic caused Texas State to cancel or postpone all public gatherings. However, one organization continued to hold their regular gatherings; called Converge through Zoom, a video conference software, for prayer.

Texas State CRU, a Christian ministry, usually gathered Thursdays at Calvary Chapel of the Springs across from the little H-E-B. With social distancing and stay-at-home orders in place, CRU took their weekly event online as well as joining the national chapter’s live stream.

Stephen MacLaren, international studies senior, said his favorite part of converge was going into breakout sessions on Zoom.

 “We all get to talk to each other and play games and stuff,” MacLaren said. “It was a great opportunity to keep in touch with people despite being socially distanced.”

Whether it was live or on Zoom, Converge brought about comforting music and words of prayer from a staff member or guest speaker.

“Everyone was really welcoming and kind,” MacLaren said. “People always wanted to get to know you and hear about how you’re doing!”

If interested to attend, students may find the Zoom meeting ID on CRU’s Instagram account. The virtual converge will be held until Texas State resumes normal operations for the fall semester.

Featured image courtesy of Texas State Cru.

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