Learning a New Language

todayApril 18, 2020 15

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By Emily Garza
Web Content Contributor

Learning a New Language

I have no idea what gave me the urge to want to learn a new language. Maybe it was the foreign language music I was listening to.

A couple of weeks ago, I started my journey of learning a new language using Duolingo. I decided to learn one of the most cliché languages people choose to learn: French.

I get it! That makes me basic to want to learn French. At least I am aware and proud of it.

I knew it was going to be a tough journey because of the pronunciation and spelling of words. There are words where adding an “e” to the end of it changes the pronunciation and pronoun of the word. For example, the two words for a/an in French are un and une. Un is masculine and pronounced as “uh”, and une is feminine and pronounced as “oo-n”.

That silent e changes everything!

I find it very interesting learning new words and practicing how to say things in complete sentences. It’s a little bit of an extracurricular activity for my brain.

With learning French, I am broadening my range in TV shows, movies and music.

I found out that I really enjoy French jazz music. It’s nice and upbeat, and the instruments sound beautiful. I also like French indie pop music. Obviously, I don’t understand everything the artists are singing, but it’s nice to listen to. I do catch a few words here and there and am able to translate a line from the song.

I discovered a new favorite show, which I recommend watching in your free time. I fell in love with Netflix’s original “Dix Pour Cent”, which literally translates to “Ten Percent”. However, for English viewers, the name of the show is called “Call My Agent”. Either way, I finished the whole show in a matter of days. I was that in love with the show!

: Screenshot of the show Dix Pour Cent from Netflix
The amazing show Dix Pour Cent on Netlfix. Image screenshot by Emily Garza.

What I liked about watching the show is that I was able to listen to everyone speak in a natural flow. With Duolingo, it’s very robotic in the way they speak, and the sentences don’t naturally float. With watching this show, I was able to listen to them in the way they naturally speak.

It’s challenging, but fun, to learn a new language. I am enjoying it quite a bit and I’m always proud of myself for learning more and more each day. Now that I have more free time to learn more, it’s a great way for me to pass the time!

Featured image by Emily Garza.

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