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todayApril 18, 2020 32

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By Bridget Dunbar
Music Journalist

Everyday life seems to be changing rapidly: quarantine, closed stores, DIY hair cuts, and even delayed albums.  Everything is so strange. We almost don’t even recognize the world around us. But, the music industry is still booming with new albums out in the time of social distancing!

Here are a few albums that have been released recently:

A black album cover with a simple drawing of a red hand holding a tiger’s tail. At the top of the image is the artist’s name and at the bottom is the name of the album.
Album cover for Vanessa Carlton’s album “Love is an Art” Photo by Vanessa Carlton

Love is an Art by Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton’s 2020 album, Love is an Art has been in the works since 2017 when Carlton released the song “Love is an Art.”  This album, despite the harsh drumbeats, strange and ethereal rhythms that are present throughout, gives me a sense of peace. One of my favorites tracks, “I Know You Don’t Mean It,” seems to travel through many different styles, which is a really interesting choice that she made. All in all, this album is very interesting and so much fun to listen to!

This album cover is an image of a light blue sky above white mountains. There is a silhouette that is a dark blue that is decorated with bright stars. In the middle, next to the silhouette there is the name of the artist and the album.
Album cover for Shasta’s EP “Roaming Hearts” Photo by Shasta

Roaming Hearts by Shasta

Roaming Hearts is an EP that has three songs.  The opening track “Roaming Hearts” is a very fun electric pop song which set a great tone for the rest of the album.  The second song, “Ciao Fun,” has a synth and guitar duet that is really cool! This song would be so much fun to dance to with all of your friends. The final song in this project is “Closer.”  This song is much more mellow than the other two songs, perfect for ending such a great album!

The album cover is a pale pink that has three figures on it, the members of the band. The sides of the cover have the name of the album and the band.
The Head’s first album of the project What Happened to Us Photo by The Head

What Happened to Us by The Head

What Happened to Us is a three-part project that was released in 2019 and 2020.  The first part of the series is rather mournful, with songs such as “Oceans” and “Cut Me Out” addressing loss and abandonment. The second part of this project, released in 2020, goes much harder and has a groovy sound that was not heard in the first one.  My favorite song on this album is “Cait.”  Finally, the third EP in this set is a refreshing sound from the first two. This one was released a little later in 2020 than the previous and as a result, sounds different. Watching the artistic evolution at work with these albums was a really great experience!

All of these albums were such a joy to listen to and I cannot possibly recommend these enough!

Featured Image by Bridget Dunbar

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