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Being “Essential”

By Emily Garza
Web Content Contributor

At this point of time, the best option for everyone to stay safe and healthy is to stay home. Even though everyone is saying this nearly every day, not everyone has that option. Some businesses are still open, and people still need to leave their home to go to work. I am one of those people.

Since I am still leaving my house to go to work, I am considered “essential”. I have the piece of paper and everything. However, I don’t consider myself essential.

I work at H-E-B. Since I work there, I am technically essential. People still need to buy groceries, and I help out to make sure they are able to. Well, I help them be able to buy sushi.

I work in the sushi department in H-E-B. I am in that little space where we make and display our sushi. We just provide sushi, not something essential like fresh produce or canned food. It is literally food that has to be eaten within 24 hours and that you don’t need to have.

I don’t see myself as essential, but seeing customers who are still buying our products, I technically am to them. I also am essential to my manager. There are usually three of us working at a time, and there is a total of five of us. For my manager, I have to be there in order to get all of our sushi out there in the morning. I am a helping hand for him. I put out the spring rolls, help package sushi, package the pot stickers and put out extra things we sell that we don’t make every day.

Maybe some people do think that my job is essential because I work at H-E-B and should be providing sushi. That is the department I work in, and I should do my job. Even if I don’t think my job is technically essential, I do enjoy working there and being able to provide a quick thing to eat for people.

To everyone who does buy any of the food products we sell, thank you. You make our day a little less boring because most of our day, we are refilling the sushi we display. It really does make my day when I see people are buying the sushi rolls, I am making. It reminds me I am doing a good job and providing for those who want our food.

Featured image by Emily Garza.

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