Protesting to Reopen

By Tiger Shi
News Reporter

SAN MARCOS, Texas — There have been protests all over the country to reopen the country so that small businesses may return to work. In Texas, protestors gathered at the state capitol calling for an end of the lockdown imposed by Governor Greg Abbott.

The protests were motivated by the stay-at-home orders that raised the question of what is considered essential services or not.

Bradley Taylor, an economics student, believed that reopening too soon is unsafe for the general public.

“I think the decision to reopen should be decided by each state,” Taylor said. “Until we flatten the curve nationwide, I don’t think we’re ready to reopen yet.”

Protestors that gathered staged rallies which ranged from a small crowd size to bigger groups, they claimed the social distancing guidelines violated constitutional rights.

“I think everyone has their own concerns,” Taylor said. “The ways they’re protesting are making us look bad.”

Governor Abbott, in an interview with radio station WBAP, said hair salons and restaurants are expected to be possibly reopened next month. Texas counties were expected to enforce mask-wearing orders despite some counties such as Harris and Galveston challenging the restrictions by lawsuits.

Featured image by Tiger Shi.

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