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A pond with a bridge and a blue sky over with trees in the background.


Spring Break Quarantine Playlist

By Gage SuttonMusic Journalist While the state government passed new legislation opening the state of Texas up from COVID regulations, it does not mean we should start treating life like the virus is non-existent. For the safety of yourself and others, it is in everyone's best interest that you do your best to stay in quarantine during the upcoming spring break and wear a mask when it's necessary to go […]

todayMarch 13, 2021 60

Palm July 26, 2020, Dallas, Texas. by Stacey Ramirez


Movies to Help it Feel Like Summer

By Stacey RamirezWeb Content Contributor Movies have always served as a form of escapism. They have a way of taking us places we can only imagine. Now more than ever, we are relying on movies to keep us distracted this summer. This might not be the summer we expected, but the next best thing to do is live through a movie about summer. Mamma Mia! If you ever had the […]

todayJuly 31, 2020 6

The image is of a cassette tape with a yellow background


The Songs of My Summer

By Christopher BrockerAssistant Music Director The summer of 2020 has been one of the most hectic in our lifetime. August is still around the corner and it's tough to be optimistic considering everything. However, through the turbulence great music has released. This playlist contains music that was released predominately this summer and entirely within this year, ranging from Afrobeat, R&B, hip hop and more. “Give It To Me” Pink Sweats […]

todayJuly 28, 2020 113

Literally a bunch of stickers put together to be cute; clouds are cute


Things I’ve Done Out of Pure Boredom

By Gena SysavathWeb Content Contributor Boredom comes to me quite often; there are those days that seemingly never end. The days where you realized you have absolutely nothing to do or are just avoiding work that you must do, but do not want to do. Been there, done that. I just want to give a disclaimer that you definitely do not have to do any of the things I have […]

todayJuly 23, 2020 66

Images on aqua background depicting girl doing yoga, girl reading, and girl with pan.


Rating Quarantine Activities from Best to Worst

By Jess BazalduaWeb Content Contributor I consider myself to be realistic. At this point during the COVID-19 pandemic, I feel that “Stay Home” orders are likely ahead. Even if they’re not, compliance with a recommendation is arguably one of the best ways to overturn the spread of the virus and ensure that you, your family, and others are safe. During the first lockdown, many could not fathom how to spend […]

todayJuly 3, 2020 621

Image of Nintendo Switch on desk, surrounded by different objects with "Animal Crossing" on screen.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Video Game Review

By Jess BazalduaWeb Content Contributor For many of us, video games are used to escape the uncertainties of real life, usually through action, adventure, horror, and puzzles. Still, without any of the listed attributes, one game has risen to the top of our hearts and made an unfavorable situation easier to live through. This game is called Animal Crossing, with its recent installment, New Horizons, having been released on Nintendo […]

todayJune 22, 2020 188

Books laying on top of wood with a vine spreading around them.


The Best Books I’ve Read While in Quarantine

By Ally BolenderAssistant Web Content Manager While staying safe indoors, I made a pact to myself to read more books. If you’re like me, you’ll pick up a book, read it non-stop until you’re finished, then neglect to start another book for weeks-- maybe months. This is a common obstacle I faced during the school year, but now that it’s socially encouraged to stay inside, I’ve been needing new ways […]

todayJune 15, 2020 11

Picture of books, tea, and the words “stuck home?’ across it


What To Do Once School Ends

By Andrea MauWeb Content Contributor Given the global pandemic, most of us are confined to our homes for the summer. Classes have ended and students will now have to find other things to occupy their time. The following are some ideas on how to spend your summer in-doors productively. Start a hobby Hobbies to explore. Image by Andrea Mau via Canva. Everyone has a hobby they’ve always wanted to pick […]

todayMay 30, 2020 9

Two persons stand side by side, each dawning protective gear and some kind of cleaning product.


Clean New World: Keeping Safe Under Less Restrictions

By Ashton HermanWeb Content Contributor Finally, after roughly two months of thumb-twiddling in isolation, Texas has decided to lift its lockdown. For those that loathed or began to loathe the dwellings of their home, this piece of news is a godsend. However, the threat of COVID-19 still looms over us, so acting careless under such conditions is practically begging to be infected. Time stuck in quarantine can get... intriguingly boring. […]

todayMay 18, 2020 37

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