Make America Bipartisan Again

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By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

During every election cycle, you would hear slogans from both parties. In 2016, there was “Make America Great Again” versus “I’m With Her.” Currently in the 2020 race, it is the “Keep America Great” going up against former Vice President Biden. Many of you have probably noticed: why are us Americans so angry at each other? What I mean is the amount of heated arguments from both sides felt mainstream nowadays. What happened to American voters back in the 1990s when tolerance was cherished? This is one issue I believe it is important to address. 


An RNC calendar received after donating to the Trump campaign.
A Republican National Committee 2018 calendar hangs on the wall. Photo by Tiger Shi.

Being the party of businesses, limited government and lower taxes, the GOP is led by Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel seeking to re-elect President Trump with Senator McConnell in the Senate and Congressman McCarthy in the House. 

However, they are just a political party, within contains many types of Republican voters. There are conservatives, traditionalists, libertarian-leaning and even a minority of liberals. They all might not necessarily agree the same on certain issues but these groups do exist making up of party membership. 

Here at Texas State, you can find College Republicans, Students for Trump, Young Conservatives of Texas and Turning Point USA as the political organizations operating for Republican-leaning tendencies. Those groups are in-fact open to anyone to join, you do not have to be a Republican to attend their events and meetings. 


A logo of the Democratic Party built on a Minecraft server.
The Democrats have an iconic “D” logo. Photo by Tiger Shi.

Hailing as the party of unions, social issues, environment, gun control and higher taxes, the Democratic Party is led by Chairman Tom Perez with a goal of unseating President Trump with Senator Schumer in the Senate and Speaker Pelosi in the House. 

Again, the Democrats are a party with many types of voters. There are moderates, liberals, a minority of JFK-era conservatives and this new movement (led by Bernie Sanders) of voters known as “progressives.” 

At Texas State, the groups open to join are Young Democratic Socialists of America and College Democrats. There were Students for Bernie and Students for Yang; however, ever since they dropped out of the Democratic Primary, I’m not aware if they are still active. I personally have been to one CD meeting and I have to say the atmosphere was tense at times. 


An abbreviation for YAL built on a Minecraft server.
Young Americans For Liberty (YAL) represents activism of Libertarian students. Photo by Tiger Shi.

The underdogs of elections, the Libertarians are basically fiscally conservative and socially liberal. They are kind of a combined form of Republicans and Democrats. The last major candidate to run for president was Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico in 2016. The only known student group of Libertarians on-campus would be Young Americans for Liberty; they actually just started their chapter earlier this year.

Many of you have been wondering: but what about those bigots who preach hate and white supremacy? There is a constant stereotype that they tend to lean right-wing. However, trust me, there are also hate speech coming from the left as well. My point is, and I mentioned this before, there is bound to be idiots on both sides and my advice is, just ignore them. Their ways of thinking are obviously backwards. Yes, there are groups that misrepresent one side but I assure you, their bigoted actions should not define a political philosophy or party as a whole.   

The media also plays a huge role in politics. I have seen many times of biased reporting from news outlets like CNN (liberal) and Fox News (conservative). This is why I watch NBC Nightly News as I find them to be the least biased. I also watch the other two and you should too, to get all of the perspectives. We need to report facts and not partisan immaturity; that’s why I am a proud major in mass communication. 

Personally, I am friends with all kinds of people. I have friends who are moderates, conservatives and liberals. I even have friends who are a combination of beliefs like “Libertarian-Socialist” and “Progressive-Christian.” Like what our legendary general manager of KTSW Dan Schumacher once said, “I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you’re on, as staff, you should act nonpartisan.” This is exactly what my podcast show stands for: bipartisanship and nonpartisanship. There is a way Republicans and Democrats can work together in government and outside of those offices. Voters like you and me should have a peaceful discussion about the issues or candidates without resorting to name-calling. 

I understand politics have always been a tough and sensitive thing to discuss for us as Americans. The thing is we should not be mad at each other over even the smallest of things. Whether it’s what President Trump and the GOP did or the Democrats’ actions, you should remain calm and ask this: why did they do that? I have been unfriended a lot before on social media simply because I’m a registered Republican voter. So what? If you do that, you proved yourself to be immature. I’ve had tolerant political conversations with friends and with my news director here at KTSW. If I can do it, you should be able to too. It’s time we make America “un-angry” again. 

Featured image by Tiger Shi.

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