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Why I Still Watch “Riverdale”

By Arlett Ramirez
Assistant Web Content Manager

Ever since the second season of “Riverdale,” countless videos have been uploaded to YouTube, mocking the writing and acting in the show. I’ll admit, the show isn’t of the same quality as “Game of Thrones” or “Parks and Rec,” but it’s become a phenomenon and I can’t stop watching it.

Let’s go back to the very beginning of “Riverdale” to its first season which focuses on the town of Riverdale in the aftermath of the death of Jason Blossom, who supposedly drowned the summer before school started. It only had 13 episodes, but each episode was a whirlwind of drama and suspense that I couldn’t stop watching.

The first season takes you on a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out what or who killed Jason Blossom. There’s overbearing parents, shady dealings, drama, mystery, and romance– It has everything!

It’s completely binge-worthy and if you’re looking for a new show during this period of social distancing, I highly recommend giving this show a try.

The second season is where “Riverdale” began receiving some hate. The CW ordered a second season with almost twice as many episodes as the first season and it was evident that the writers had a simple (but good) idea that they needed to stretch out for 26 episodes.

While watching this season, it was obvious that some episodes were fillers and others had little or nothing to do with the plot. Did I still watch this entire season? Yes, I did and I’m not ashamed of it.

Fair warning: there’s a lot of death and blood in this season. So be prepared and don’t get attached to too many characters.

I couldn’t stop watching the bizarreness and the crazy things “Riverdale” showed. Plus, it seemed that every episode ended on a cliffhanger or a critical reveal that hooked me for the next episode. So, there I am the next week watching the new episode.

The third season is where the show completely lost me for a minute. It seemed like the show was trying to venture into the paranormal/supernatural spectrum and it somehow didn’t fit. However, as the season progressed you realize that it’s not supernatural forces responsible, it’s some deceiving and conniving individuals.

Just like the second season, this season has its abundance of death and blood. Be on your toes when you watch.

Right now, I’m watching the fourth season and it’s been wild! There’s been plot twists and fake deaths to outsmart a group of private school students.

Production for the fifth season has been halted due to coronavirus concerns and no word has been said when it will resume. You can watch three seasons of “Riverdale” on Netflix.

Featured image by Arlett Ramirez via Netflix screenshot.

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