If We Had The Force

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 By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.”

This was a quote said by Star Wars characters in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and in the very last episode of The Clone Wars. The Force is defined, by Obi-Wan, as an invisible energy field that binds the galaxy together. Or in a simple sense, the ability to levitate objects. I am probably not the only one who imagines what the Force from Star Wars would be like if it existed in our reality.

Ever find yourself in a comfortable position on a weekend morning sitting on the couch watching TV, feeling lazy? This is where I would use the force to levitate the remote control without getting up to change channels. I could fix myself food and drink without going into the kitchen. There is one problem: it could be a leading cause for me to become a couch potato. Luckily, a Jedi or a force user relies on physical strength. Without strength, simply having the force isn’t enough.

Force ability is more than levitation of objects. Using the force is not like Superman having supernatural powers right off the bat. You can’t turn “on” or “off” the force like a light switch. It requires deep concentration and focus. What is kind of cool about this is that you could physically feel the weight of the object you are lifting with the force. I used to be amazed as a child when I would witness Jedi using the force in the Star Wars movies and TV shows. I am still amazed today as an adult.

Other abilities I wish to have would be the Jedi mind trick. According to the lore, it only works on the weak-minded. It would be incredibly awesome and hilarious at the same time to use this trick on professors to give you a fairer grade you deserved. However, since most-to-all professors are intelligent, chances that it’ll work varies. This is a Riddler-like ability, it’s best to not be abused.

What happens after death is a deep question many seek to find answers to. In the Star Wars universe, when Jedi die, they become either a cosmic force or the living force. Cosmic means that the Jedi became part of the force and can only communicate with the living via voice. Living means a similar route for cosmic except that deceased Jedi can appear to the living as an apparition known as a Force ghost. I hope that I would achieve either of these if I were a “Jedi,” so I could guide my children and grandchildren to the right path in life. 

Obviously, with great power comes great responsibility. The Force has a light side and dark side. The dark side is where users would seek power through anger. This would be a negative disadvantage if the Force was real in our reality. Abilities include force choke and lightning. Using those could make hunting and toasting breakfast foods easier, but also could result in murder and torture bringing up the moral question of the abilities.

In truth, having the Force will be an advantage, but it will, as a result, have disadvantages. If the Force existed in our reality, I would definitely use it to change society in a positive manner. The important part is having self-discipline and trust in self to prevent from falling to the dark side. 

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