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 By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

We live in the modern age of social media. My fellow members of Generation Z use apps such as Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to express our personality. However, I particularly remain on YouTube for entertainment and I am subscribed to a variety of channels. There are three major channels that I am excited about and love to watch their videos. 

Let’s Game It Out

I discovered this channel on the last day of Thanksgiving break when it showed up in my recommended playlist. This channel is owned by a guy named Josh. He specializes in playing video games downloaded off Steam and plays them in the most hilarious and wrong method possible.

He actually ran this channel with a friend named Anthony (until Anthony left the show in 2018). The first video I watched was Josh playing a game called Planet Zoo. That one got me laughing so hard that I delayed my departure back to San Marcos.

Josh is infamous for bugging the game out or playing to the point where the game started to run on such a low frame rate (lag). He somehow has the pleasure of torturing in-game video game characters and NPCs named Grace. I love this channel as it kind of helps me relax after coming home from class or a workout.

The channel homepage of The Lore Master
The Lore Master explains interesting facts about Star Wars. Image by Tiger Shi.

The Lore Master

I am a long time fan of this channel. The Lore Master is run by fellow Star Wars fans like me. It covers a lot of “Did you Know?” type facts about Star Wars characters, factions and storyline.

It covers content from both Star Wars Legends and Canon. Anything from Canon is considered to be the official plot of what happened before, during and after the events of a Star Wars movie as defined by Disney, the owners of Star Wars.

Legends, AKA the Expanded Universe, is technically the official plotline before Disney purchased Star Wars from George Lucas. Legends covers the content of Star Wars the same way as Disney Canon, but it is more interesting. 

This channel has videos with very interesting titles related to the Star Wars universe. From “What does Darth Vader do in his free time?” to “Why the Galactic Republic was not a Democracy or Representative of the People,” videos from this channel broadened my views on the Star Wars sagas in the smallest details.

The channel homepage of Geography Now!
Geography Now! was started in 2014 and is a growing channel ever since. Image by Tiger Shi.

Geography Now!

This channel is run by a YouTuber from Los Angeles by the name of Paul Barbato. Barbato teaches geography to people of all ages by going through the world’s countries alphabetically.

He is currently working on the Senegal episode. I am a huge fan of Barbato knowing that his videos are well-researched, well-scripted and well-acted. My friend Elizabeth and I genuinely enjoyed his content because he covered our countries of heritage pretty well (Germany and China).

His episodes are usually divided by segments: political geography, physical geography, demographics and international relations. He also gives each country a brief history rundown as well as teaching the meaning of their flags/emblems.

Paul is so popular worldwide that he has fans globally. Every week, he receives fan mail from various places. I actually sent him a postcard for him to add to his collection. I wrote an awesome fan note that I am sure he appreciated. That postcard I sent was featured in the New Zealand Flag Friday episode posted on April 2019. I was excited and felt empowered that the Geography Now team mentioned me.

YouTube is a great platform for unwinding after a long day, taking a break and staying informed and entertained. It may be the Facebook of social media, but it has still stayed relevant amongst Gen Z.

I enjoyed these three channels– They fulfill my knowledge of the world, expand my geek level on Star Wars or just simply provide a laugh and a good time. They are definitely my recommendations to future subscribers as well.

Featured image by Tiger Shi.

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