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Five Black Female Content Creators You Should Be Following

By Brittany Anderson
Assistant Web Content Manager

Right now, many people are asking how they can be more involved in educating themselves on matters of social injustice. An easy way to start is with your acknowledgement and avid support of those in the Black community on social media.

Following the work of Black activists and supporting their message is incredibly important— but the same can be said for Black writers, comedians, influencers and entrepreneurs. This is a collection of five Black female content creators that have helped shape my worldview from my phone and are well worth the follow.

Ziwe Fumudoh (@ziwe)

Ziwe is a Brooklyn-based comedian who keeps it real when it comes to talking about race. Her witty social commentary and critiques in her iconic Instagram Live and YouTube interviews offer a tongue-in-cheek but educational perspective on Black culture and race relations.

Lily Njoroge (@caveofbeauty)

Lily, aka Your Skincare Fav, is the esthetician that has all the answers to your skin questions. She’s garnered a significant Twitter following thanks to her skincare blog, Cave of Beauty, and now owns her own spa in NYC, Skin Wins. From random tips, giveaways and Twitter threads with product reviews or other skincare information, Lily will have you looking and feeling your best.

Karen Blanchard (@KarenBritChick)

I seriously can’t get enough of this woman. Karen is a NYC-based style blogger and YouTuber who has infectiously positive vibes and a passion for fashion like no other. Whether it’s street style vlogs (she’s known for her “What Everyone is Wearing in New York” series), lookbooks or conversations on high street, designer and sustainable (thrifted and vintage) fashion, her charming content focuses on encouraging you to be boldly unapologetic when it comes to your personal style.

Bolu Babalola (@BeeBabs )

Bolu is a London-based author (her book “Love In Colour” will be released July 9) and a self-proclaimed pop culture fanatic. Her Twitter feed offers hilarious insight into the world of entertainment, while her writing hones in on her ‘love of love’ as she strives to tell stories of Black love.

Tabitha Brown (@IAmTabithaBrown)

Tabitha Brown is an actress turned vegan foodie and TikTok star (welcome to the 21st century). Her playful but soothing energy, motivational affirmations and healthy, delicious recipes are everything in this COVID-19 world. She doesn’t call herself the “World’s Favorite Mom” for nothing.

There are thousands upon thousands more— seek them out! Take a look at your following list and diversify it so more Black women are included. Not only are you bound to learn something, laugh or simply find joy along on the way, you’re giving love, attention and support to Black female content creators who absolutely deserve it.

Featured image by Brittany Anderson.

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