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Advice for Cats: How to be Involved on Campus without being in Person

By Piper Blake
Web Content Manager 

With all the changes we are experiencing during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to say exactly how everything will work out for the fall semester. As of right now, Texas State University is planning for a return to on-campus instruction with 50% occupancy in class and social distancing measures enforced. 

Masks will be required on campus at all times, in and out of class. However, these guidelines are subject to change leading up to the start of the fall semester, as the number of cases rises and talk of lockdown looms over the state.  

Many organizations like KTSW and the University Star have been able to operate away from campus and use online remote access to continue working and producing content. We haven’t gotten any information from the university about how other organizations are adjusting to operating off-campus.  

Clubs and Organizations at Texas State are diverse and give students plenty of opportunities to get involved and find their interests. All of the organizations listed have contact information here

If you are interested in getting involved in a club or organization, the best thing to do is to contact them directly and ask them how they will be getting student involvement away from campus. It’s likely that most clubs will have small meetings or zoom meetings, so you can still meet new people–you just might be behind a screen.  

Texas State has been updating its Road Map to Return consistently since the pandemic broke out. Make sure to keep up to date with any changes that the university might make and look out for updates on clubs and organizations and their road map for students getting involved on or off campus.  

Overall, the safety of the students is the highest priority of the university and its organizations. So, even if you are away from campus and still involved, you are still making an impact on your university community.  

Featured image by Timia Cobb.

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