Letting a Psychic Guide My Life

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By Jess Bazaldua
Web Content Contributor

The metaphysical has often been disregarded as pseudoscience and slumber party games. While that much is correct, where is the fun in that? Astrology has been used since Babylonian age, while divination even dates back to biblical times. Through the search for knowledge, humans were gathered by this interest. 

Nowadays, technology has taken over. Even with scientific predictors, the presence of original parapsychology is still prominent. Thanks to many digital avenues, such as Etsy, witches, psychics, and healers have a platform that can now be reached worldwide. 

This week, I decided to buy a tarot card reading from a seller on Etsy. I wanted to analyze this reading and see if the seller gave perfunctory answers, the reading applied to something in my life, or there is actually something I should consider as a takeaway.

The Process

Image of three tarot card decks.
Tarot and oracle readings are fun! Image by Jess Bazaldua.

I did not want any of my interests to be blatantly obvious, so I used the Etsy account where I sell my handmade jewelry. My buyer account has the screen name that is linked to other social media websites, so tracking would not be so easy on my seller account. Also, I didn’t want to spend too much money, so my search criteria included the words “tarot reading” and a selected price of under $25. From there, I searched until I found a listing that seemed appropriate. 

The first couple included crystal balls, relationship readings and conception predictors, none of which I was interested in. However, I did find a simple image of multiple tarot card decks with a description that mentioned an email video recording. This seller had over nine-hundred sales with a five-star rating. 

The options on the listing called for the amount of cards used in the reading, from three up to seventy, and the number of questions, from none up to seven. As I have dabbled with tarot readings before, I felt that three cards was both the best and cheapest for this experiment. Also, since I had no specific questions, I chose the “No Questions” option and wrote in “General Reading” in the personalization box that was also present. 

The Reading

After six dollars and three days of waiting, I finally received an email from the seller. The message included a link to an unlisted YouTube video, where the seller had recorded my specific reading. The seller began the video with a spiel advertising their services before pointing their camera down at a table in front of them.

They chose a deck with an image of a white cat and began shuffling the cards. As they shuffled, they mentioned that four cards were going to be chosen, instead of three, since I was a first-time customer. They drew the first card and placed it on the table before shuffling again to choose the second card. The second shuffle from this deck looked like it was done loosely to allot for “jumpers,” or cards that are so important to customers that they fly from the deck. The same shuffling process was repeated through two more decks for the last two cards.

The seller flipped the cards over one at a time, explaining what those specific cards meant to me. The first one had an image of a bird ready to take flight, which symbolized the ability to work on something that brings me joy to eventually bring me money. The next one stated to open my heart, either for love or opportunity. This is important to keep the creative energy flowing within me. The third card had the words “choose a new direction” printed on an image of a map. The seller stated that a job was not something to be concerned about, looking to the first card for emphasis. 

Before they flipped over the last card, the seller stopped to say that this reading was not to be used as financial or business advice. I think this disclaimer is for legal matters so no one could come back and say a risk was taken based on their advice and is pretty smart to have. The last card that was read said that I need to do my best work in order to be rewarded.

Screenshot of Etsy listing for tarot reading.
Etsy listing. Image by Jess Bazaldua.

Final Thoughts

When I do tarot readings by myself, I find it quite easy to answer my own questions with what I already know or what I think might be the best path. Using an anonymous tarot method made the reading seem more genuine. 

However, I did mention that I used my seller Etsy, which has my jewelry and the ability to see how recent my account is. Still, the video had these cards chosen in front of me with no visible edits. The cards were all from different decks, yet still had a message that pertained to me. 

If you have read my previous articles, you will know that I both have my Etsy account and am an online reseller. Both of these side-hustles bring me joy and have a future goal of going bigger. If that’s in the cards, then maybe something about this is right.  

Featured image by Jess Bazaldua.

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