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 By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

It was a chilly December afternoon in 2016. I was sitting at my desk at my high school, waiting for the bell to ring for winter break. I had finished my final and was chatting with my friend about going to see the new “Star Wars” movie: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” We agreed to meet later that evening at the theater to see it for its opening night.

I arrived at the theater just in time to buy a ticket. My friend was there and so was his girlfriend. At first, I didn’t care and went in the showing room to enjoy about two hours of sci-fi fun. It wasn’t until the end of the movie where I started to become a little uncomfortable. The friend and his girlfriend were talking to each other passionately and I felt insulted and left out. After all, I suggested the whole idea of seeing “Rogue One” in the first place.

This experience has came to my attention that I felt like I have third-wheeled more often than I was dated someone. Every time I third-wheeled it felt exactly how it sounds: awkward.

It was awkward for me and for the couple that opening night of “Rogue One.” I realized something as time went on: sometimes, enjoying the bachelor (or bachelorette) life is more fun than one would think.

The thought of being a lone wolf seems scary, especially on Valentine’s Day. However, I can speak from experience that it is an important time to analyze how couples date and interact. This doesn’t mean I’d condone being a third wheel. By analysis, I meant to observe their dating etiquette that they express in public from afar. This would boost some confidence in your own abilities to find someone.

My strategy was proven to be somewhat effective as I almost asked someone out last October; sadly, there was no chemistry or spark between me and her. I wasn’t discouraged; I am still trying again and again!

I am at that age in which I know there’s no rush to finding a soul-mate because there’s a long way to go before I officially “adult” at 30 years old.

Honestly, I think we all have been third-wheeling since birth. This would relate to someone being the only child specifically. Parents probably expressed PDA in front of their kids from time to time.

This would apply to both girls and guys because overall, the single life does have tons of advantages as well as disadvantages like any other situation in life.

I learned from that experience on the opening night of “Rogue One.” From then on, whenever I run into a friend with their girlfriend or boyfriend, I’d “walk away” leaving them alone for their “moment.”

Yes, you may feel a little jealous witnessing PDA, whether it’s a couple in real life or a couple on the movie screen. However, instead of feeling anger, feel some happiness for them and wish them the best.

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