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“Love In the Time of Corona”: Season 1 Review

By Rachael Gerron
Web Content Contributor

The Coronavirus has impacted all of our lives in different ways and at different magnitudes. The new dramatic comedy, “Love in The Time of Corona,” highlights different struggles people are experiencing during the pandemic in their family, friendships and relationships. 

The series documents a variety of interwoven stories: from characters Oscar and Elle, who are best friends in their early 20’s trying to find love over dating apps and zoom to a married couple in their 70’s dealing with the effects of dementia.

The series also follows two parents who got a divorce while their only daughter, Sophie, was in college. They then have to pretend to still be together once the unexpected quarantine begins and Sophie comes back home. 

What stands out about this show is how realistic all of the characters and experiences are. I’ve found that a lot of shows that try to be reliable fail miserably because the production time is so long that everything is outdated by the time it’s released, or the writers just didn’t have a grasp of what was relatable to their audience.

However, “Love in The Time of Corona” incorporated very current scenarios and cultural phenomena such as Tik-Tok, online dating and the ways people are using technology to stay in contact with loved ones during COVID.

The show even gets into the death of Ahmaud Aubery and the fear that the murder instilled in Sade and James, a young Black couple afraid to raise a baby in times of racial unrest in the United States.

The writers were able to incorporate these relevant topics because of how this series was produced. Unlike most T.V. shows, “Love in The Time of Corona” was cast first and written second meaning that the characters were written based on the actors hired. 

Interestingly, the actors cast for each relationship in the show are real families, couples, and friends who were already living together, and as a result, the acting is incredibly realistic.

The filming process took place over 15 days in the actors’ homes with a production crew of about 5 people. It was so quick because each story was shot in one location due to the nature of quarantine. All of these elements resulted in high-quality storylines and acting.  

I think this show is a great time capsule for this period of time and will be the first of many Coronavirus themed series’. The freshness of “Love in The Time of Corona” makes the show so relatable and I highly recommend watching it.

I finished the series in one sitting because the storyline was so engaging. The show fittingly wraps up with a sweet message about love in the time of corona. 

You can stream Love in The Time of Corona on Hulu, which comes free with a student Spotify premium account. You can also watch on YouTube Red and Freeform. 

Featured image by Rachael Gerron.

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