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Calvinomics: Episode 1

By Calvin Miller
Podcast Manager

In this segment, Calvin Miller will be talking about the national debt of the United States and what the national debt actually is as well as why it matters.

Included in the segment, he will also be discussing inflation. Inflation is when the prices of items eventually begin to increase steadily or even rapidly.

The national debt and inflation are tied together because as more debt is owed, more money needs to be allocated to paying the interest on that debt, which causes the government to spend less money on important societal matters and ends up spending money on interest on the debt they have taken out.

When the government increases the debt this rapidly, our money actually loses value and the price of items rise. We as college students and a society have to work more and harder to try and keep up with ever increasing prices.

More will be discussed in the segment!

Featured image by Calvin Miller via Canva.

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