When the Giant Troll Roams

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By Gena Sysavath
Web Content Contributor

One thing everyone should know about me is that I have the weirdest dreams.

These dreams that my brain like to concoct will always have me playing the adventurer. Or at least the few that I remember will have me as one. But since my role seems to be preset as the main lead, I am always being chased for some reason or another.

Now, we can always think psychologically and assume that I am always being chased because I am running away from some type of problem in real life, but I disagree. I think I just like to make my own life miserable, so I come up with these confusing scenarios in my subconscious.

So, I decided that I will come and write out one of these mystical dreams:

Imagine yourself trapped, squashed inside a very dark and tight area. Like you are inside a box, maybe a chest of some kind. Why? Because that is exactly where I started off, crammed inside a chest.

I would scratch and kick from the inside of the chest with no avail, until suddenly, someone lift the top and I can see light with two dusty older ladies looking down on me. They raised me out of the box and immediately, I realized that I am no longer in my room. Instead, I am in a very enlarged version of my house hallway.

I was able to see many villages in the land of the hall. On the left, there was a mouse species, carrying lettuce to their stands and wall holes. Turning to the right, you will see bugs of many kind, traveling with maps on their sticky foot, walking around looking for a destination.

I walk forward, only to immediately get all eyes and antennas pointed in my direction. A wave of whispers erupts as I get awkwardly make my way down the long hall. 

As I near the end of the hallway and make it towards my living room, an enormous roar breaks through the air and everything scatters through a hole that my hallway wall apparently possesses. I am immediately pulled towards the living room, to hide beneath the couch. I lay on the floor to only peek out and see the biggest warty pair of feet ever. It was a troll and he seem pretty angry; I always did wonder what crawled up his butt to make him so cranky.


Well, my questions always seem to be answered fairly quickly now that I think about it. At this point in the dream, I did not realize that I was the one that he was looking for. My dream brain has never been the brightest. Instead of trying to figure out what the giant troll wanted, I stupidly left my hiding spot and made a run towards the front door, that is now conveniently normal-sized, and I easily open it and sprint out.

As I’m no longer in a friendly, secluded neighborhood, I can only run forward to the newly grown forest that has appeared by the house. Another roar booms behind with stomping not far behind me. The chase is now on.

So, I’m running. And I’m running.

Until I run smack dab into a 7-eleven.

Yeah, I know. Why 7-eleven? I don’t know. But there I was, rubbing my head as I walked (as if I wasn’t already being chased by some random monster) into the convenience store. Not to find snacks, oh no, instead, I find my (apparent) friends there, all dressed in some kind of mythological gear. The wizard, who I named Trent, was there with a full-on hat and a cape, waving a wand in my direction.

“Took you long enough, do you not understand that you’re in war?”

Obviously not, I was trying to just get away from a humongous warty human, but I’ll play along.


Everyone rolled their eyes at me, so like my reality, my friends already given up on me. I shrugged and walked towards each friend. I touched the wings of the fairy, I grabbed the sword of the knight, and I smacked the hat off the wizard.

The Knight grabs me by the waist and throws me into a very large convertible that certainly has not been there the whole time. It seems that we are still off on an adventure, and since I have no sense of danger in dreamland, I happily sat in the backseat of the car while I watch a fairy drive us through trees and rocks.

I did not feel danger, but then a gigantic boulder smacks our car right off the trail that we were making. Evidently, the giant troll has found me and is now throwing rocks at us. Rude.

So, we swerve until we end up in a clearing and all of us jump out of the car. The car then proceeded to explode into many pieces. I thought that was the worst of it, but then I turned around to find that the troll brought his own friends and they outnumbered my group by so much, it truly was not fair.

Here it is, my newly formed group readying for a battle, four against however many trolls– and I am the only one not equipped.

And then we charged.

Suddenly I see wands and swords flying at these gigantic beings, my little fairy friend is throwing pixie dust at everything and I am just running away. I am useless in this situation, so every man for themselves. That is until one of the trolls tries to hit me with their nailed club, and I jump over it. Dream me is now an acrobatic prodigy, and I am in full force hoppity hop-hop mode. I keep jumping over to different trolls so that they will smack each other as they try to aim for me.

Ah, it was the good life, I was alive, and I was helping. Then I get kicked by a troll shoe.

And I am now abruptly awoken.

As I mentioned earlier, I have the weirdest dreams. I would love to figure out that there is meaning behind them, but I am so sure that my brain just likes to play with me. Nothing is ever explained and it never makes sense, but I continue repeating these types of dreams. If anyone wants to try to deduce me, please do, I will happily lay on a couch and talk to you about anything.

Featured image by Gena Sysavath.

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