Marble black, pink and teal background with a white type that says college radio day on October 2.

The Other Side of College Radio Day

By Piper Blake
Web Content Manager 

College Radio Day holds much importance and pride for the KTSW radio station and its staff members. From the start, the goal of College Radio Day was to promote campus radio stations and encourage people to get involved by listening to their local stations.  

The experience listeners get from a college station is not like what you get from a larger, mainstream radio station. Since KTSW is run by students, we have the ability to be raw and experimental with our content, on and off the air.  

We don’t have the limitations that a larger station might have. Also, we give a more unique experience for listeners because we don’t play the normal top 40 playlists. Our playlists consist of local or lesser-known bands that are looking to make a statement within the San Marcos community because overall, our goal is to serve the people of San Marcos and help foster the eclectic essence of the city.  

KTSW is passionate about this day because there is more than just what goes on the air that gets highlighted. At KTSW, there are 14 departments that not many people realize are working behind the scenes. 

Having this many fields of interest provide a well-rounded experience for each listener and staff member because no matter what you are looking for, we more than likely have you covered.  

Our main sources of media are, obviously, our on-air presence, but also our KTSW blog. Since we pride ourselves on being the “Other Side of Radio,” our content covers any and every topic you could think of that pertains to college life and being a member of the San Marcos community.  

Also, since it’s a blog, our music, news, production and multimedia staff all contribute to the content you see. We highlight local artists, businesses, events and much more, to create an interactive experience for our dedicated KTSW audience. 

Radio stations are established to influence and grow around their community and that is what KTSW has done since being established in San Marcos. We work to serve our community and keep up to date on all the issues that will impact our listeners.  

College Radio Day gives KTSW a chance to show out and demonstrate all of these aspects that make us a necessity to the Texas State University community, as well as the San Marcos community.  

Tune in to KTSW 89.9 on Oct.2 for a 24-hour broadcast, celebrating College Radio Day and check out the blog for unique College Radio Day content. 

Featured Image by KTSW Multimedia department

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