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5 rising artists to add to your listening rotation

By Crystal Ramos
Music Journalist

Are you on the constant search for new music and new artists? I personally live on the Spotify’s “Fans also like” tab on an artist’s pages. If you’re looking to discover similar artists to the ones you’re already a fan of, then you’re in the right place.

If you like Lorde, LAUNDRY DAY or Conan Gray then you’ll like:

Maude Latour

Maude Latour is a New York-based singer/songwriter. She is currently attending Columbia University while simultaneously releasing indie bedroom pop anthems. Latour touches on subjects of introspection and contemplation to electro spacey backtracking. On top of having substance in her lyrics, she has achieved that catchy effect. You only need to listen once to get reeled in. I suggest giving “Furniture” a listen, and “Lovesick” from her Starsick EP. 

If you like Frank Ocean, Omar Apollo, Dijon then you’ll like:


Detroit native, Choker, is a multifaceted R&B artist that leans further into an alternative experimental sound. His artist name is antithetical to the sonic themes he creates. The intimate lush sounds invite you into every piece of music and his transcendent vocals keep you in the atmospheric worlds he creates. He currently has two full albums out and a trilogy of EP’s, and I highly recommend giving anything of his a listen.

If you like BROCKHAMPTON, Odd Future or Duckwrth then you’ll like:


From Florida, seeyousoon is a nine-person hip hop collective. Ignacio (Iggy), Kenny, Denny, Maddie, Josh, Dre, Drex, Lucas, and Mitch are contributing to hip hop’s everchanging rebellious sound. Across all 14 tracks, seeyousoon experiments with a diverse musical palette in their newly released debut album VIDÉImmerse yourself into their sound by listening to “Steamy” and then “Blue Chord” to get a taste of what they have to offer. 

If you like Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar or Saba then you’ll like:


Atlanta rapper, Zaia, is a genre-bending artist that fuses sounds like hip hop, soul, rock and funk to create this entirely new hybrid of music. His versatility shines on his Very Alone EP when you switch from a track like “Innerstate” that consists of melodic synths to a track like “Demons” where darker energetic undertones come out. Zaia keeps the depth of his storytelling at the front of his music and is sure to have you hooked.

If you like Steve Lacy, Rex Orange County or Gus Dapperton then you’ll like:

Jelani Aryeh

20-year-old San Diego native, Jelani Aryeh, is a gem of a find. Inspired by the likes of Brockhampton and Odd Future, he created an art collective called ‘Raised by The Internet’ to come together to create genre-less music. He continues to tap into this idea on his own independent musical releases with his ever-changing sound. From alternative R&B to infusions of indie rock and pop, there is something for everyone to like.

As these promising artists gain more name recognition and drop more music, you can say you were an early listener!

Feature Image created by Crystal Ramos

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