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Keeping it Connected

By Jernice Kelley
Web Content Contributor

As a radio listener, I love the kind of unique, sometimes niche programming you get on college radio. It is possibly one of the best ways to find new music. College radio today does not only provide music but quality programming as well.

KTSW has 14 departments that help make our radio station inclusive and allows us to expand our reach. As a station, KTSW tackles news, sports, podcasts, music, web content, and hosts various syndicated shows. There truly is something for everyone, no matter if you are a listener or a member of the KTSW family.

Being a member of a college radio station enables students to interact with people they usually would not, whether that be listeners or professionals in the radio industry. Here at KTSW, all departments regularly interact with one another to produce great content.

The production and multimedia departments help out the web content department, and all departments rely on our social media team to help promote everyone’s hard work. Every role at KTSW is significant and essential to our operation has a station.

With the intersection of each department, KTSW does not only reach college students but older adults in the San Marcos community as well. They can remain updated on all the latest news, catch up on sports-related events, and everything in-between. We value every member of our community and make it a priority to cover topics that also impact our alumni.

KTSW is reflective of our eclectic and vibrant community. The best place to see the personality of San Marcos shine is on the blog. Our staff wonderfully handles all topics, including everything from COVID issues, thrifting, to even how fatphobia impacts our society. The blog is a great resource for individuals in our community who are not able to listen to our live broadcasts but still want great and relatable content.

KTSW has become an essential part of our community by helping spread awareness for important issues and giving people a voice. The blog is not just a place for creators to share their content, but a place for our community to share their opinion and collaborate as well.

Just because it is known as college radio, it does not mean that it is exclusively for college students. The station serves every member of the San Marcos community and the Bobcat family.

As the world continues to shift, KTSW does everything to keep up with it. Thanks to our social media department, KTSW can build a larger presence online and directly interact with our dedicated listeners. Not just this, but our staff members interact with one another through social channels as well. It is another way to stay connected.

There’s a strong community around the station, and the people that run it put a lot of energy into promoting local music and businesses. Tune in to KTSW 89.9 on Oct.2 for a 24-hour broadcast, celebrating College Radio Day.

Featured Image by KTSW Multimedia department

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