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There is a Place for You at KTSW

By Rachael Gerron
Web Content Contributor

Despite what you might think, college radio is so much more than a few DJ’s sitting in a room playing local indie bands and talking about college sports.

While that may have been the case in decades prior, KTSW is an organization that embraces change and is constantly evolving. Beyond the live broadcasts on KTSW 89.9 FM, the station also hosts live events, runs a blog and produces several podcasts.

All of these different facets of the station are run by Texas State students in 14 different departments. With positions ranging from music journalists to podcast producers, a job at a college radio station equips employees with the skills necessary for many careers.

the image of old radio with KTSW logo overlay
There is a place for you at KTSW. Image by Rachael Gerron.

I talked to a few members of the KTSW staff to hear about their experiences.

Sports Reporter Connor MacKinnon plans to earn a Ph.D. in organizational psychology and says that working at KTSW has helped him get a better understanding of group dynamics.

Despite going into a field unrelated to the radio, MacKinnon said, “I’ve learned a lot about communication and how the workplace is affected by leadership.”

I also spoke to Karrissa Ellis, who is majoring in public relations and currently works as a sports reporter and community relations coordinator at KTSW. She plans to work for NASCAR as an event experience manager after graduating.

 “KTSW has helped me come out of my shell and not feel so nervous to speak to people,” said Ellis. “With the sports staff, I have been on Bobcat radio live on-air… With community relations… I have become comfortable reaching out to different people to interview them and practice my communication skills, which I feel will help me immensely in my future.”

“I 100% recommend joining KTSW… It gives you the chance to try out many departments and find your niche,” said Ellis.

For students such as web content assistant manager, Paige Greene, a job at KTSW leads them right into their future careers. Greene said, “My goal has always been to work for a news station. Ever since high school, I’ve wanted to be a reporter, anchor, or even produce news… KTSW has helped me develop my writing skills.”

“My favorite part of working at KTSW is being able to do what I love and see how far it can go to impact people… I love being able to say that I contribute towards the official radio of Texas State,” said Greene.

Similarly, podcast producer and production assistant, Adam Snydar, plans to use his experience at KTSW for a career in broadcast.

When he is not editing content that airs on the radio, he spends time working on his podcast called, Good Bad Movies.” This a podcast where Snydar and his friend, Adrian, discuss movies that are not traditionally considered good, but they believe are terrific movies in their own way.

“My favorite part about working at a college radio station is that I have the opportunity to be creative with my work… and to have it be aired on such a public medium makes it seem all the more real and worthwhile,” said Snydar.

From producers to community outreach coordinators, KTSW provides students at Texas State with a wide variety of job opportunities for students in any major.

The station will begin hiring for the spring semester soon so be on the lookout for the application and deadlines.

If you’d like to learn more about KTSW or just keep up with what we’re doing, be sure to check out our website. Also, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  

And of course, tune into KTSW 89.9 or stream from anywhere here!  

Featured image by KTSW Multimedia.

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