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Why College Radio Day

By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

Since 2011, College Radio Day has been a success in spreading the message that radio broadcasting in college is important. You might be thinking what exactly is college radio day?

According to the College Radio Foundation, college radio day is a special day celebrated annually to raise awareness on how much college radio has impacted our lives. It originated in a New Jersey university which eventually became a worldwide event.

Here at KTSW, we are no different than any other college radio station. We air music, produce news broadcast, host a variety of shows as well as maintaining a blog.

Despite COVID, College Radio Day shall still commence as it is important, no matter the circumstance. without a doubt, a pandemic is beyond our control. Nevertheless, KTSW 89.9 is doing the best it can to maintain good morale for San Marcos and beyond in fighting the virus.

The newsroom on a nice day
KTSW’s headquarters as seen from outside. Image by Tiger Shi

College radio is a great platform to build experience. This is especially relevant for mass communication majors. Although I plan to enter the TV News business, working at KTSW has made a big impact on my perspective in delivering material for the ear (audio) versus for the eyes (visual). The skills I learned while working here will help shape my entry as a news reporter in the future after I graduate.

For many, college radio day seems unheard of. This is understandable as students who don’t major in mass communication weren’t informed of this occasion. However, as a mass communication major, even I haven’t heard of it. This should be a great learning experience for everyone. I believe College Radio Day is important in raising awareness about radio in general. It should be a reminder that radio play isn’t quite dead yet.

Radio, like newspapers, maybe a source of information for demographics such as the elderly population. However, radio should be considered a source for college students as well.

Students drive around their college town to get groceries, commute to class or go have fun. Many would plug in their phone by an auxiliary cord to play their music. However, there are times in which a local radio station might be on-air reaching out to the college demographic.

My car broadcasting KTSW 89.9
College Radio is relevant in our lives. Image by Tiger Shi

This special day also shows that college radio aims to help the community. We serve beyond the needs of students but also to faculty and local residents as well. It is a window of opportunity in benefitting a university’s reputation. College radio is like a stepping stone for mass communication students to use to step into the real world after graduation.

KTSW, just like other student media at TXST, has contributed a lot to the San Marcos community. From helping out at Bobcat Build to broadcasting on-air content, KTSW is an iconic station. College Radio Day is important to us and it should be important for everyone else as well! You won’t regret tuning in today to FM 89.9 for our 24-hour broadcast in honor of this unique day!

Featured Image by KTSW Multimedia department

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