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Advice From Timia: Adulting is Hard

By Timia Cobb
Web Content Assistant Manager

I got the chance to have a brief conversation with my close friend Breana Miller about life and adapting to being an adult.

College juniors and seniors are at a stage in life where everything is a question mark, nothing is for sure. In the span of two to three years, we have to figure out where we want to spend the rest of our lives, what job we want and if our dream job will cover all the bills. We are making big decisions that come with big amounts of stress.

I’m still in the first few months of my junior year and already have had to make some life-changing decisions. I’ve had to give up jobs I loved because jobs I knew would help me more in the future were offered to me. I had to find the willpower to let go of people I wanted to always be in my life.

I had to make these choices because they would better my life in the long-run, which is what being an adult is about. Making decisions so life won’t be as hard in the future.

However, not everything is worth the change or stress. Yes, we all work harder to reach our goals, but when life is almost suffocating due to always working and giving up things you love in order to meet a goal, is it worth it?

What I mean by this is if we never get to enjoy the small things such as family, friends, sleep, romance, a drink or party now and then, life will start to be all work, stress and no happiness.

Always remember you come first. No matter how much you want something it won’t be worth your mental and emotional stability. Only commit to something if you can handle all the work that comes with it.

Adulting is something we all have to do. We all have responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean we are allowed to treat ourselves like we aren’t important to ensure our responsibilities are met.

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