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Haunted Locations: The Tarpon Inn

By Andrea Mau
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Port Aransas is known by many of us today as the usual vacation spot to visit the ocean, soak in the sun, and enjoy various lax activities. However, what is lesser known is the area’s haunted spots, which are also rich with the town’s history.

Port Aransas at first was not even Port Aransas. The area was actually named Tarpon after its famous trophy fish until 1911. Thus the Tarpon Inn was built for these fishing tourists to stay and it became a tradition to mount their catches’ scales on the wall with dates.

Photos of the Roosevelt Fine Dining restaurant
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The Tarpon Inn was known to have several famous people stay over and most notably Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937. However, the hotel also has some more unwelcome visitors as I found out from Samantha, a current employee at the Tarpon Inn who I interviewed on the various paranormal stories and instances that have taken place at the hotel.

Photos of the Tarpon Inn’s famous scale wall and Texas History Commission sign
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It is believed back when the inn’s restaurant first opened the head chef found one of the waiters had gotten too friendly with his wife. Afterward, a grizzly murder took place with a meat cleaver, and the waiter was killed.

To this day staff who work in the renamed Roosevelt’s Fine Dining report numerous paranormal incidents including pictures flying off walls and kitchen tools clattering on their own.

Photos of the outside of the Tarpon Inn
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The most famous haunted story of the Tarpon Inn is of a bride who was stood up by her husband on their wedding night. The couple was staying at the inn and the bride was found hanging from the rafters in the hotel’s honeymoon suite, room 29.

Today visitors who stay at the infamous suite claim they can smell a floral scent of perfume. Some even claim they’ve seen the woman herself hanging.

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Guests are also said to hear kids running down the breezeway even when no children were currently staying at the inn. Children apparently are the most common ghost sighting by guests.
Room 40 supposedly has the most paranormal energy in the hotel. A couple who stayed there claimed the husband had been waving at a pair of young girls the wife could not see. When the couple reported this to staff, they confirmed again that no children were staying there at the time.

The employees themselves take extra precautions against the spirits after many sightings. Samantha herself heard footsteps one night when working alone and now plays music to combat any paranormal occurrences.

Numerous staff also report hearing odd noises and even their names being spoken when working alone at the front desk. Staff claims the lobby door behind them will open on its own too. It doesn’t help that the front desk is located directly below the infamous bride room.

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