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Halloween is a lot.

By Gena Sysavath
Web Content Contributor

Halloween is overrated.

I know that it’s an unpopular opinion, but as I grew older, the more overrated Halloween becomes. It’s stressful and time consuming, for like, no real reason? No one has to agree with me, but this article is going to highlight why Halloween is a little too much sometimes.

Let’s talk about costumes. Depending on what you are doing on Halloween, you might end up needing a costume–and that means decisions. How are you even supposed to choose a costume? There’s so many freaking options and you must choose one that fits whatever you end up doing.

As college students, when you think of Halloween costumes, you think sexy. There are always people outside dressed in the bare minimum. You’ll find a sexy pirate, a sexy ghost, even a sexy Dora.

Let me step back, girls seem to have it harder than guys when it comes to costumes. Guys can just choose whatever costume they want and then go to a party with like the Walmart version of whatever and still have fun. If anything, they can go into a Halloween party shirtless and say that they’re Jacob from “Twilight” or something and it’ll just be normal.

Girls, on the other hand, after even choosing their costume will need to figure out if they want to do it sexy, or cute, or scary. Then they have to figure out the hair situation, what make up to wear, if the outfit will hold up through the night and so on.

Costumes are just a mess in general though; like what if it’s a couple’s costume or a group’s costume? Then you have to actually work together. You have to know if you guys are going to match and who’s going to be part of the costume or not.

Then you have the communication issues, because there’s always communication issues. Sometimes people just suddenly forget to pick up the phone. There’s so much coordinating and that’s so much work for one night.

There’s also the issue on, “what are you doing for Halloween?”

When we were young, trick-or-treating was the only sufficient answer to Halloween night. As you get older and it’s no longer socially acceptable for you to grab free candy from strangers. You get pressure on trying to figure out what to do on Halloween. Like is there going to be a party that you can go to? What about a fall carnival? Maybe a Halloween move night?

Who knows, but if you don’t have plans, there’s always one person who’s going to look at you with pity as if it’s their business that you didn’t have plans.

What is wrong with just staying at home and not do anything? There’s nothing wrong with that, I don’t think so at least. Sometimes people are too much.

I don’t hate Halloween or anything, but the moment October happens, there is always people trying to go out and ruin your day by “scaring” you. Halloween gives people the impression that it’s okay to wreak havoc through all of October, and it’s always a mess somehow.

Also, some people don’t like Halloween, so are we just trying to ruin their day? Are we those people? I think it’s fine to have some holiday spirit, but maybe wait on the scare-fests at least until the week of. People just needs to keep others’ feelings in mind. Don’t go ruining other people’s time for your entertainment, that’s rude.

Halloween is meant to be fun and sweet, but sometimes there’s so much work leading up to the holiday.

However, Halloween does serve as one big reminder that Thanksgiving and then Christmas is coming and that always brings a smile to the face. There is also free or reduce-priced candy after Halloween. What else do we really need?

Featured image by Gena Sysavath.

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