Picture of autumn leaves on trees.

Songs to Study to: A Playlist

By Ashley Farnie
Music Journalist

With the onset of autumn and the changing of the leaves on the trees, the Texas weather invites us to sit outside under the sun to enjoy the warm breeze. Put your headphones in and sit underneath the shade of a tree listening to this playlist to stay on-track with the approaching finals season.

I often find myself having trouble focusing while listening to music, but these songs feature instrumentation interwoven with minimal vocals. These soft sounds and gentle lyrics allow you to enjoy the music while not distracting from your focus.

“warm glow” by Hippo Campus poses a peaceful state of mind with minimal voices that allows you to get homework done.

Interlaced between original songs are covers of artists including Dayglow and Coldplay. Offering a peaceful rendition to the infamous indie song “Can I Call You Tonight?,” Online Friends’ cover works perfectly for studying.

A slight change of pace for boy pablo, ”i <3 u” transports you to an eternal state of calm. Nothing screams coffee shop study session like a lo-fi love song.

Getting into the headspace of studying and being productive can prove a difficult feat, but songs like “Ruby Fields” by Sarah and the Sundays encourage me to stay motivated. As a writer, finding a peaceful mindset helps me tremendously in writing papers and completing my reading assignments for class.

The semester is coming to an end, and the difficulty of adjusting to online classes and having to stay motivated while doing most of your schoolwork alone has left us all exhausted. I hope these songs encourage you to push through to the end of the semester. 

Featured Image by Addi Richards

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