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It’s Too Cold, You’re Stuck Inside: A Playlist

By Dillon Veazie
Music Journalist

Texas weather has been something else these past few days. If you’re like me and have avoided going outside unless necessary this week, this playlist is for you.

All of these songs have a “cold” feel to them. This isn’t a Christmas playlist, there’s no snow imagery in any of these songs, yet each one somehow matches the mood of this cold, gloomy weather. From Hip-Hop to Indie Rock and R&B, this playlist should have everything you need to enjoy hibernating through the rest of the season.

“La Lune” – King Krule

King Krule’s music is made to be listened to in cold weather. When The Ooz first came out, I listened to it every day on my way to school the entire fall/winter season. This album specifically is perfect for those gloomy, cold days. The minimalism on this track reminds me of the quietness felt on these cold winter mornings. Empty streets, icy roads, all that.

“Baby I Don’t Mind” – Sunni Colón

Here’s an artist who doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of recognition that he deserves. Colón debuted in 2013 with the release of his EP, Thierry Disko, a breathtaking blend of funk, rock, R&B and Soul. On this track, Colón channels some crazy funk/soul vibes to create one of the smoothest tracks in this playlist. His voice glides perfectly over this one, almost like ice.

“Feelin Lovely” – Connan Mockasin and Dev Hynes

This is one of the more upbeat songs on the playlists. The vocal effects on Connan’s voice gives this track a blue, cooler tone. Mockasin and Hynes are two powerhouses of the Indie/R&B scene with their own very distinct styles. Mockasin and Hynes seamlessly blend their unique sounds on this track, to create something smooth and funky.

Listen to the playlist here.

Featured image by Dillon Veazie.

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