Emergency Kit: Prepare for Bad Weather and Disasters

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By Paige Greene
Web Content Assistant Manager

It is hard to predict Texas weather. Whether the state is hit with a historic snowstorm or a hurricane rips through south Texas, it is hard to be prepared for the constantly changing climate conditions. 

The snow storm Texas faced last week opens our eyes to how ill-prepared many people are when it comes to storms and natural disasters. There are many ways to prepare for a disaster or dangerous conditions, but the most simple and effective is an emergency kit.

Emergency kits can come in many different forms: A backpack, box or any reasonably sized container. Below is a list of items that will be useful in an emergency situation. 

An image of an emergency kit, with illustrations of supplies like flashlights, chargers, first aid, food and water.

Flashlights, Candles and Accessories

Since the recent rolling blackouts in Texas, having a flashlight or candles has become essential. Many residents in San Marcos last week were left without light for hours on end. This can be scary and not to mention dangerous, especially at night. It came in handy that each of my roommates were prepared with a flashlight and multiple candles so we were able to keep our apartment lit even at night. 

With flashlights and candles comes batteries and lighters. It is important to also pack extra batteries and lighters in case you are ever in need of light. 

Portable chargers

The ability to contact others during an emergency is critical. Phones are needed to communicate with friends, family or emergency services. This makes portable chargers incredibly helpful in case charging from an outlet is not an option.

UC San Diego Health’s YouTube video on first aid kit supplies.

First Aid

It has always been important to have a first aid kit in your residence, but even more so in an emergency situation. First aid kits can be purchased or put together yourself, but they should include band aids, painkillers, gauze, a thermometer and antihistamine cream or tablets. A more detailed list can be found on the Red Cross website.


One of the main issues San Marcos residents face during the snowstorms is access to food. Due to the outages, almost all food providers were closed last week and residents had to rely on what they already had in their pantries. 

Extra non-perishable food does not have to sit in a backpack or be stored away, just make sure your pantry has all the food items needed if a situation where food access is cut off arises. You should have foods easy to cook with limited-to-no power like pasta, ready meals and canned foods. 


Water was another main issue during the extreme weather for residents throughout Texas. Many people faced their water being turned off due to freezing pipes and were left without running water. A way to combat issues like these is to get a reserve case or gallon of water in your residence. 

Education World’s YouTube video on emergency kits.

The best way to get through bad weather or any emergency is to be prepared. Set your mind at ease by crafting your own emergency kit and know you are ready for whatever Texas throws at you next.

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