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Texas State University: Wittliff Collections

By Katie Krupinski
Community Relations

The Wittliff Collections is a museum with a wide variety of art based around Southwestern and Mexican culture. It currently contains many collections based around Southwestern and Mexican photography, writers, art, research and much more.

For anyone interested, it is located on the 7th floor of Texas State University’s Albert B. Alkek Library and is free for all visitors upon appointment.

This is a photo of Ray Benson’s “Asleep as the Wheel” gallery.
“Asleep as the Wheel.” Photo by Katie Krupinski.

For each semester, the Wittliff Collections consistently change out and add new additions to the museum. One new addition that has been added is Ray Benson’s “Asleep as the Wheel” gallery. This gallery is solely based on Benson’s band and has multiple musical elements throughout.

Another large addition to the museum is “Edward Curtis: Treasures of The North American Indian.” Curtis’s muse was taking pictures of Native Americans, and this gallery is solely based on his photography.

This is a photo is in the “Treasures of the Wittliff” gallery.
“Treasures of the Wittliff.” Photo by Katie Krupinski.

Smaller additions to the Wittliff Collections have also been included this semester such as “devotion,” a gallery centered around photographs of “Our Lady of Guadalupe,” historical bronze statues, one of which being Willie Nelson, and their extension on the “Selena” gallery.

All in all, the Wittliff Collections is an amazing and free tool for anyone to research with archivists, gain historical knowledge of the Southwest and for the universal art it has to offer.

For more information, visit The Wittliff Collections website.

Featured image by Katie Krupinski.

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